Wednesday, 12 May 2010

New Cabinet takes shape

OK bit over the top but the new Government will be dominated by public school Oxbridge graduates. Who have no idea how the majority of us lead our lives.

But the appalling thing is that we have lost a golden opportunity for genuine change. the Liberal Democrats may have got a referendum on PR. But it is for AV and will only change the fortunes of "Three Main Parties".

What we have is a deal so that Nick Clegg and some of his cronies can sit around the cabinet table claiming that they are influential and trying to claim credit for popular measures whilst being mute on the savage cuts which will affect the most vulnerable of our society.

During the election campaign the Liberal Candidate for Pontypridd referred to Plaid as "Labour's little helpers in the bay". Where does this leave his party who are out numbered nearly 6-1 by the Tories?

I will be looking to see how Peter Black and his colleague's at Freedom Central spin this ( Perhaps they should rename themselves Subordinate Central.

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