Tuesday, 11 May 2010

What Next?

I intend to be brief in what I believe should be the outcome of the negotiations that are currently happing. Though by the time you are reading this the die may well be cast.

I believe that there should be an anti-tory alliance and this should be based on complete reform of our political system. This should mean that a maximum three year programme be carried out.

This should include:

  • The Introduction of a form of PR for all elections preferably by STV.
  • The abolition of the House of Lords and a directly elected chamber or one resembling the Irish Senate where people can vote as an interest group.
  • The formation of an English Assembly/Parliament which will be based in a City in North of England or
  • The formation of regional assemblies in the English Regions (Cornwall to have its own).
  • The Prime Minister of the Day to lose the right to determine the date of an General Election. Which should be fixed and only fall on a vote of no confidence.
  • Referendums on a Welsh Parliament and Scottish Independence.
  • A review on political donations and the way they are spent and a cap on spending at a General Election both on a UK basis and at constituency level rigorously enforced.
These should be the basis of a reform Parliament.

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