Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Three more Monolingual leaflets.

I have not yet received the Labour Liberal and Democrats but I had a UKIP leaflet yesterday. So I had to go on line to see them. I still have yet to see any literature from the Greens and the Socialist Candidate.

The labour Leaflet is somewhat bland but a worthy effort marred of course by the absence of Welsh but. It does make a rather pathetic attempt to portray Owen Smith as a local boy since he left the area as a teenager.

The Lib Dem leaflet also contains no Welsh. It is a glossier version of the original leaflet delivered at the start of the camping. It portrays the candidate in a superhuman  pose and gives the impression he is responsible for any successful project in the Rhondda Cynon Taf area. Although he is only one of three Liberal Democrats on R.C.T.

 However we know that small numbers can achieve much as the 3 Plaid MP’s have shown despite Lib Dem denials. It is  a pity that Mike Powell  seems to think that the Pontypridd Constituency consists of only Pontypridd Town.

He also goes in for Nat Bashing (he’s notorious for this) and reproduces the dodgy bar chart this blog exposed on April 11th however although the leaflet repeats the claim that

“Labour have had the Pontypridd vote on loan since 1922.” They do not add the claim that “they won a by election following the death of liberal MP Thomas Lewis”

I would like to think that National Left’s exposure of this in his Blog and local Newspapers caused Mr Powell to remove a poor researched statement. It would be nice to think so.

The UKIP leaflet was a disgrace. I’ve come to believe that people are more dangerous and the BNP and all I can say is that it was a pity that it was on glossy paper as it was of no use in the toilet.

The absence of the Welsh Language from all the Parties except Plaid shows that have no commitment to the Language. How can they support legislation on the Language in the Assembly and not ignore it themselves?

Although a monolingual English Speaker I decry this attitude. And although it would not at all be my main reason voting Plaid I (I have considered the Greens). It was influential in affecting my decision.


  1. most could not care less about cymraeg in the leaflets

  2. Ah yes and referring to Owen Smith.. I too left as a teenager but am I not still a local? :-) you need to get a cat and then use all this tripe to line their litter tray! Ask Reuben. .. he now can recognise Brown, Clegg and Cameron on tv and name them and say that Cameron is a 'baddie' and will pinch ur milk! Not bad for a two year old! Better than my students sad to say! Enjoyed reading your blogs!

  3. As the recent expenses scandal showed, most Westminster politicians are either dishonest or lacking in principle. Many MP's either blatantly falsified claims, mistakenly claimed for items they were not entitled to or went against the spirit of the expenses guidelines.
    How can we expect these people (or those who aspire to join them) to be truthful on their election leaflets.
    Welsh language content would simply mean repetition of the fanciful claims and half-truths that appear in the English version of the text.