Monday, 17 May 2010

AV in Australia

Many apologies for yesterdays post. Spelling and Grammar were never my forte (and this has been a problem that I've had all my life); but this was poor by any standard. However it would be a poor world if only the truly articulate took to the blogosphere.

However today in the wake of the agreement of the Con-Lib coalition on the Introduction of a referendum on Proportiona Referendum (PR). I wish to comment on the proposals for electoral reform. The parties have agreed to only propose The Alternative Vote (AV) as opposed to The Single Transferable Vote (STV).

This is an unbelievable lost opportunity.

AV is not truly proportional and STV (whilst like all systems) has its flaws is much preferable

AV also can support the Two party System as can be seen from Australia The major democracy that uses AV and which closely resembles our "National" government.
The Australian Federal Elections of 2007
The result in the House of Representatives (Lower House was)

However in the Senate(Upper House equivalent to the Lords) which uses STV the result was

                         Party             Votes                   %          Change           Seats Won   Seats Held  Change

The figures are a bit confusing because of the coalition but it is clear that under AV the Greens were discriminated against whilst under STV  they weren't . I propose the referendum should be placed as follows.

If Question one is rejected the there would be no need to count Question 2.

It you can improve on this please do (Obviously a Bilingual version should be placed in Wales. Lets start the debate now.

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