Friday, 14 May 2010

A New Dawn or Darkness at Noon?

I am in no doubt that we are in for a honeymoon period for Cameron & Clegg. I doubt very much that it will it last; but I suspect that we in of period of seeming stability in the coalition. Both leaders will try to emphasise that we are experiencing a new time of Politics and I am waiting for the claim that the UK has “Two Obamas”.

But in reality we will little change in the way government operates and we will see the Tories dominating the agenda and the Lib Dems going along with it.

Outside parliament there will probably see defection in local councils but at Westminster the appeal of power will be to alluring.

As an old Leftie in the 80’s, I was on many a CND demo and was frustrated as we were addressed by Labour Politicians who gave the impression that all we had to do was vote Labour and we would have a strong Unilateral voice in the next government.

Of course when in power they abandoned their CND badges, and apart for a brave few followed their leader in the lobby to vote to renew Trident.

But it was not just this. If the build up to the Iraq war had been carried out under a Conservative government. We would have heard howls of protest from the Labour Party and we would have been addressed by leading members of the party on rostrums throughout the land.

This was true of Student Fess and how many Labour members really agreed with Blair’s views on faith schools especially those who had started their political life in the NUS?. The way that it was ignored by the Labour Party on Wales Scotland point to this.

And ID cards just look at Peter Hain what would his younger self thin of his position.

In a years time Cameron will be comfortable enough to reveal his true nature and introduce a Neo-Thatcherite agenda. The Lib Dems their bottoms warm on the government benches will behave like the previous former radicals in the Labour government and obey their leader, and sell their principles for the allusion that they are really an influence.

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