Friday, 7 May 2010

Initial Thoughts

With a number of seats declared it looks like a hung parliament but my initial reaction. Is that no party will be satisfied with the result.

In Wales.

A bad night for Plaid obviously squeezed and failing to gain the seats  they hoped for.
A bad night for the Lib Dems loosing Montgomery and whilst making inroads failing to gain any Targets.
A bad night for Labour loosing three seats but realising it could have been worse and gaining Blaneau Gwent.
A good night for the Tories but they too must be disappointed with not gaining more seats in Wales.

In Scotland

A bad Night for the SNP remaining stable like Plaid in their seats but failing to make a breakthrough.
A similar story for all the other parties in Scotland but with only one seat the Tories must still worry about being seen as an English Party.

In England
A good night for the Tories but failure to have an overall majority must take some tarnish off when they reflect on the result.
For Labour there must be some relief that it was not worse. However they now must consider a new leader and this will not be easy if they attempt a coalition..
For the Lib Dems who may end up with a net loss it must be devastating after the initial expectation after the first leaders debate. I am sorry to see that Evan Harris lost in Oxford  he was one of the better ones.
For the Greens. Winning a seat was accomplishment in itself.

In Northern Ireland

Although little the loss of Peter Robinson to an Alliance candidate was a minor earthquake.

I hope to have a deeper analysis later today when we a complete picture.

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