Saturday, 8 May 2010

Second Thoughts

This could well be the first election where no Party can be Happy with their results.

The Tories can take some comfort from they increase in seats, but apart from Montgomery they are back to the result in 1987 Hugging the North and South Wales coast.

The Lib Dems will be happy with the majority in Ceredigion and the votes in Pontypridd and Merthyr ,but the loss of Montgomery and their failure to actually gain seats after all it's goals that count.

For Labour there must be relief that they managed keep their vote up and hold on to threatened seats.

For Plaid  it must be bitterly disappointing and I can only point you to John Dixon's incisive analysis on Borthlas  "especially on the Lib Dem surge". Plaid as well as the SNP must find a way to avoid being squeezed, especially by the BBC whose behaviour has been disgraceful throughout the election.

However the main concern withe everyone must be. Who will form the next Government? I suspect it will be some form of Con-Lab pact.

It is interesting that political pundits in England are whinging about the possibility that although the Tories are the largest party in England they may be excluded from government with a pact which relies on members from Celtic Nations.

Notwithstanding that their precious Union is all about. It could well be the deciding factor in Cleggs choice. He may not relish the thought of facing another election in a years time with an English backlash about being ruled by a Celtic left alliance.

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