Saturday, 29 May 2010

Black calling Kettle Pot.

I apologies for going over old themes; But how much longer can the Lib-Dems get away with calling other parties dishonest when it is they who are the main culprits?

Over at Subordinate Central Peter Black has been at it again in a post entitled " The Gloves come Off" he wrote

“Labour’s dishonest and vindictive campaign to discredit the Liberal Democrats for doing the responsible thing and bringing liberal policies to a stable government took a new turn today.”

He adds,

Labour activists in seats across Wales took to posing with large “under new (Tory) management” signs in front of Lib Dem offices – and a page was apparently added to the Welsh Labour website for “confused Lib Dems” to contact Labour.”

“Any person who read the leaflets from the Liberal Democrats, whether in the last election or previous ones (or the election leaflets (Focus) which masquerade as information) must chuckle at the sheer audacity of Peter Black.

I tried to leave a comment on the site but to date it has not been published.

I referred Peter to a comment I had made about previous claims that he had made about dirty tricks in politics, and in particular their Pontypridd Candidate whose leaflet referred to Plaid as “Labour little helpers” .What is the difference with them being accused of “under new (Tory) management? and produced a very misleading and dishonest graph. (See post on May 4th)

Perhaps Peter’s reluctance to comment on this is due to the fact that these tactics were very successful there was a big swing to the Lib-Dems in Pontypridd.

I repeat: How much longer can Peter and his party get away with such hypocrisy?

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  1. glynbeddau

    Most politician have a problem with their memories when it comes to criticism of their opponents. They conveniently forget anything that doesn't suit their current position or argument with regards their opponents behaviour.

    In particular, Peter Black does seem to have the memory span of a goldfish!