Saturday, 22 May 2010

Badger Cull in England.

News yesterday that the Con –Lib government will press ahead with a badger cull in England, as soon as "practically possible". Speaking at the Devon County Show on Thursday, 20 May, DEFRA farm minister Jim Paice announced that DEFRA would not wait until trials in Wales were concluded before pressing ahead with plans for a targeted cull of diseased badgers in bovine tuberculosis hotspot areas.

I must admit that like most people (I suspect) in Wales I was uneasy about our own Welsh Assembly Government’s plan to cull Badgers but felt that the scientific evidence pointed to it as being the best course.

I however accept the absolute sincerity of those who oppose the cull however and this includes Peter Black who has been a major opponent and as blogged regularly on the subject.

I do not accept the argument that this was a piece of political expediency on his part. In particular with reference to Plaid’s position in Ceredigion where Elin Jones the Minister responsible for implementing the cull is AM.

However I will be awaiting Peter’s response to DEFRA’s announcement. I am sure that he will not argue that this is an English matter and he will condemn his own Con-lib coalition proposals in the same way he has done in the past with regards the Assembly’s Lab-Plaid stance on this issue.

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