Friday, 30 April 2010

Desperate Dave and the Unemployed

I have been unemployed for a very long time and at my age the prospects are not good. Everyday I explore the jobsite facilities on my computer, all to no avail. According my Job seekers agreement I must seek work within 1.30 hours of traveling time each ways. I am perfectly happy to do this but since I don’t drive and  I am reliant on public transport the actual distance Ican travel to work is quite limited.

Indeed it would be interesting to see a survey on how many of the unemployed do not have access to their own transport.

If you a have no Idea of the availability of work in your are go to Directgov enter your post code and use their facilities the result mat well open your eyes.

Last year I attended a Jobs fayre  at my local leisure centre. On a day with torrential rain, thousand (yes thousands) of the unemployed turned up from all over the county. There were however very few employers actually taken on staff, although there were retail outlets such as Tessco seeking Christmas staff.

So large were the numbers that there were long queues of people at each stall and by 10 o’clock,when I was there the stalls were already running out of application forms.

Such were the crowds that there were not enough desks needed to complete applications. So those who did have application forms were filling in them in sitting on the carpet.

Yesterday I went to sign on. Outside the jobcentre was this poster.

Not withstanding the rules are very clear with the DWP, and it is already the case that you cannot really turn down a job offer. Millions of unemployed would simply like to have an offer in the first place

There are some people living on benefit who are not seeking work, but they are only a small percentage.

The real reason for this poster is that Cameron (who has never been out of work, never known the humiliation and never will) is attempting to blame the unemployment figures on the unemployed. In a desperate attempt to woo those who believe that all people on benefits are scroungers.

Labour  and the Lib Dems are no better (see this report of Cleggs encounter in the Guardian) and the politicians from these parties absolutely no idea of what it is like to be long term unemployed. And do not know what it like every time they have a Letter after applying for a job. ch reads.

It is with regret that I write to inform you, that after careful consideration, on this occasion your application has not been successful and therefore you have not been shortlisted for interview.
Though firms swamped with applications often do not even reply”

Probably some of the ex MP's after the election may have a brief period of unemployment but I doubt they will undergo this humiliating experience for long.

But those who remain or replace them will continue to put the blame on unemployment on the unemployment and slur millions of people by labelling them "Benefit Cheats". In order to mask their own failure in government.

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  1. those three chumps last night on the leaders debate had very little to say about the position
    and problems faced by the unemployed in a very competitive employment market