Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Lib Dems nearly a year early

Further to yesterday post. I’m including part of the Lib Dems@ leaflet which was supposed to be for the European Campaign last year.

The main thrust however was on the Parliamentary seat and their candidate Mike Powell a full 11 months before the election was called.

It of course shows their famous “only we can beat Labour” statements, though it’s just the result not a graph. The actual vote for Pontypridd for the European Parliament in Pontypridd was a big disappointment for the Lib Dems however (as it was throughout Wales). In Ponty they were 5th.

PONTYPRIDD (European Elections)

BNP 1002 5.28%

Christian Party 454 2.39%

Conservative 2919 15.28%

Jury Team 109 0.57%

Liberal Democrats 2159 11.38%

No2EU: Yes to Democracy 293 1.54%

Plaid Cymru 3410 17.97%

Socialist Labour 391 2.06%

Green 1141 6.01%

Labour 4592 24.21%

Ukip 2498 13.17%

I can guarantee one thing this result will not be appearing on any of thierr leaflets.

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