Sunday, 25 April 2010

The Telegraph tells me I should vote Green.

I have just tried the Telegraph’s How should I Vote? Option surprisingly they give me the chance to see what I should vote in the constituent parts of the UK. And the results were interesting.

Wales                 England            Scotland                            Northern Ireland
Green 84%         Green 79%       Scottish Greens 92%          SDLP82%
Plaid 76%           Lib Dem 66%    SNP 80%                           Alliance 78%
Lib Dem 73%      Lab 44%           Lab 67%                            SF 72%
Lab 64%             UKIP 33%         Lib Dem 65%                     DUP 20%
BNP 20%            BNP  26%         UKIP 30%
UKIP 11%           CON 16%         CON 13%
CON  11%                                   BNP 6%

There were some anomalies. There was no Green option in Northern Ireland. And there was no option on Welsh Independence but on if I was in favour of the Welsh Assembly should have the same powers as the Scottish Parliament.

There was also one question on whether I supported the building of more prisons in order to relieve over crowding to which I voted against as I be this results us in having STV for the next it will make I believe we Imprison too many people already.

Neverthelee the result was Interesting. Clearly I am more prone to support to the Green and Nationalist Party. But the big surprise was the fact that the Party. I was most unlikely to support was the conservative. So despite Cameron's "Caring Conservatism" his polices do not add up for me at least .I put the 20% for the BNP in Wales as due to their claim to oppose the War in Afghanistan.

Personally the result makes me disappointed in that the Greens, SNP and Plaid did not get together and form a Rainbow alliance. If a hung parliamet is the result of this election and IF this means the next election will be fought under STV then I may have the chance to display my choices of MP more fully.

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