Sunday, 11 April 2010

Peter's Black Propoganda

Peter Black in his blog uses the old trick of accusing your rivals of the crime you yourself are guilty of. Peter accuses Plaid or rewritinhg History over the negotiations for a rainbow coalition between his party, Plaid and the Tories after the last year Assembly elections and gives the impression it was Plaid who were responsible for scuppering the elections. I admit I was party to the events. But my reading of them was that it was internal squabbling amongst the Lib Dems which led the other parties to believe that the rainbow was a nogoer.

But why is Peter bringing this up can it be because Plaid will probably over take his party in the forthcoming election (the Tories unfortunately almost certainly will). And after that the Lib Deems could be faced with being perpetual also rans?

Peter has also made great play over his parties support for abolishing university tuition fees. I must admit he's on to a winner here but a cynical observer looking at where the Lib Dems seats and target seats would find a number of university. Cardiff Central, Ceredigion and Swansea are prime examples. Although the number of students who actually vote is small they can be crucial as happened in Ceredigion last time. Hence Peter and the Lib Dems’ emphasis on this policy. A policy of course they can’t carry out and would probably abandon if they went into coalition government whether in Wales or Westminster.

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