Friday, 23 April 2010

Three Wise Monkeys

Last night leaders debate left me non the wiser about these three, except that Alex Salmond would have wiped the floor with all of them and even Ieuan Wyn Jones would have put up a better showing than the "Three Wise Monkeys"; But of course the big news to me was that Plaid and the SNP will be absent from the last one of the BBC.

So once again Britannia waves the rules. This time in the form of the BBC trust leaders’ election debate.

According to an ITV poll the Liberal Democrats experienced a 17% leap in support in Wales in the wake of UK leader Nick Clegg’s However, the BBC Trust has decided not to invite the parties to give oral evidence and has ruled that the broadcaster has not breached its commitment to impartiality.

The Trust’s committee ruled: “In the context of a UK general election, the SNP and Plaid Cymru are not UK-wide parties with substantial electoral support in the UK. They are not standing sufficient candidates to aspire to win a majority in the House of Commons.
“Nor are their leaders seeking to become the next Prime Minister of the UK

The Parties were not even allowed to give oral evidence to the Trust.

They may have a case here but as we know there is often a big difference between the Law and Justice. And in an election that every party talks about fairness this stinks.

And by the way is it fair to allow the UK parties to publish Welsh and Scottish manifesto and thereby have to bites at the cherry of publicity?

We are not electing a President, and it is a possibility, however small that none of these three become Prime Minister as tin the event of a hung parliament a consensus candidate is sought between coalition parliament.

No the rules of general election has been changed for all time but not alas for the better or for the benefit of the electorate.

P.s. I placed this comment on Bethan Powys attempt to justify the BBc Position.

"I doubt if anybody employed by the BBC will be prepared to question this decision. I don’t really blame you Betsan a part of the establishment you have to have one and eye on your future. But your cricket analogy is mistaken. It’s more like a football game between Man Utd and Cardiff where Man Utd are given a 10 Point start because they are seen as “ the better side”.

And how come these “three main Parties “are allowed to publish Welsh Manifesto and receive the equivalent publicity on the Welsh Media. Do they really need to bites at the cherey?"

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