Thursday, 22 April 2010

A nightmare Scenario.

It is the morning of Friday 7th May 2010. Nearly al the results are in despite increase in Lib Dem Plaid and SNP seats. Labour and Conservative are well ahead in about 260 seats each. It becomes clearer during the day that the Tories have 5 more seats than Labour. The men in suits begin secret talks and soon become apparent that neither the Liberal Democrats nor the Nationalist Parties will enter any coalition without a commitment to major constitutional reform.

The out the blue a number of senior members of the Labour Party make a proposal. They will replace Gordon Brown with David Milliband and join the Tories in a grand Coalition. This coup is carried swiftly and on 14th May the Conservatives and Labour enter coalition with David Cameron as Prime Minister and Milliband as his Deputy and foreign Minister, both parties claim that this is needed to bring Britain out of recession.

Over the next 5 years the war in Afghanistan continues and the gap between rich and poor increases.

The Con-Lab government in an attempt to stop what they claim is the increase of frivolous parties increase the deposit at General Elections to £1000 and the threshold needed to retain the deposit to 10%.

They also scrap any referendum on more powers for Wales and Scottish Independence.

They enter the 2015 election confident in the knowledge they have disposed of any real opposition.

How fanciful am I?

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  1. It's an interesting scenario, but I suspect that any such coalition would completely destroy Labour's credibility in Wales and Scotland in the process.

    Plaid could quite easily point out what's been apparent to some of us for a long time now - the British establishment is run by two wings of the same party...