Monday, 26 April 2010

'Ello 'ello what’s all this then?

I think Plaid Wresam can take credit for exposing yet another Lib Dem photo shot this time. In their Welsh Manifesto Kirsty Williams is seen talking to a Policeman. Only it’s not a Policeman. We don’t know who it is because the Lib Dems won’t say.

Now I know that the Lib Dems are not the only party guilty of this deception but they are the party which likes to portray themselves whiter than white an in particular not part of the Westminster Scandal (In which some of their MP’s were involved) because they are not in Government or the main opposition in the UK Parliament., Scottish Parliament or the Welsh Assembly they get away with it bit as I have blogged in the past they actually fight dirtier than most of the other parties but some how manage to get away with it even when exposed.

I must admit that the right wing Press attempt to smear Nick Clegg was despicable. However you don’t have to smear the Lib Dems just publish the truth about their tactics.

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