Saturday, 24 April 2010

The Nurse and the Students.

Thought that would grab your attention.

News today that the Liberal Democrats have been attacked for using a party employee to pose as a nurse on an election leaflet.

The leaflet, promoting Cardiff North candidate John Dixon, shows him talking to a woman in nurse's uniform.

But the identity of the 'nurse' has been revealed as a researcher for suspended Liberal Democrat AM Mick Bates.

Isn’t about time the election commission sorted out this sought of abuse.
I propose that:

The banning of Parties using stock advertising photos meant to portray “model” as constituents .

All persons on electoral literature to be identified as whether they are a party member and not just “Joe Public.”
Any part contravening this should be fined heavily.

It also seems that the Lib Dem candidate in Ceredigion Mark Williams, who is seeking a second term as MP, has been reporting as saying: “We’re finding a great momentum of support. We were very confident before Nick Clegg’s performance in the first TV debate because of the hard work we have put in over the last five years.

“We’re fighting this election on bread and butter issues like the NHS. There’s a huge appetite for change, and we’re finding quite a lot of disillusionment with the Assembly Government over Plaid and Labour.

“We also have strong support from students, who are now back after the Easter vacation.”

  • He’s relying on his leaders profile and not his own performance in Parliament.As this report by Quentin Letts in the Mail shows.
  • He’s relying on the voters not realising that the NHS is a dissolved issue and governed by the Welsh Assembly

  • And He’s relying on students who come from outside the constituency most of who will spend less than three years in Ceredigion before the Next election.

 Perhaps he isn't as confident as he makes out?

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