Tuesday, 6 April 2010

First of the Block in Pontypridd

Unbelievably just hours after the date of the election was announced I’ve had the first election leaflet from Labour. allthough the date of May 6th was expected  this was cunningly disguised as a newspaper “The Labour Herald” is a monoglot (the only Welsh is the word Llafur) aimed at the Pontypridd constituency. I will in its favour that it is about the candidate and not full of negative attacks on opposing Parties, unlike the Lib Dems.) However I hope this will appear on Owen Smiths election expenses. But it leads me to ask

Was the Pontypridd Party given prior notice of the General election or is it a coincidence?

I have received other literature from other parties in particular the Lib Dems they also concentrated the European Election leaflet on the Pontypridd Constituency and their Candidate.

And I know the Conservatives and Plaid have done something similar in other parts of Wales.


When is leaflet an election leaflet for the purpose of an election, or a mere means of communicating with the electorate? What will appear on the Parties expenses statements? It is time for clear rules are laid out by the Electoral Commission?

Should all Parties in Wales be obliged to produce Bilingual leaflets (an increase in the expenditure allowance should be allowed in Wales to accommodate this).

Does not the Labour leaflet highlight thee call for fixed term Parliaments so every Party knows when the election will be and can start on an even footage?

How soon did the first election leaflet deop through your door?

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  1. It seems all the Parties have been quick off the block. So apologies to Ponty Labour. However I still have reservations on what will be declared for election expenses.