Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Party Logos and Welsh Leaders

Last nights “Welsh Leaders Debate” was interesting I don’t think that anyone was outstanding but thought Kirsty Williams approach to the expenses and funding scandal was hypocritical at it’s best and dishonest at worst The Lib Dems can not be holier than thou, when their MPs have been caught up in the expenses scandal and the fact that they have received £2 million from a convicted felon and kept it! I also thought her attack on Plaid over Afghan veterans was disgraceful as everyone knows the MP who has been championing the Veterans is Plaid’s Elfyn Llwyd despite his opposition to the war.

But the strange thing was the title of the debate. Who are the Welsh leaders?

Is Nick Bourne the leader of the conservatives in Wales, or Cheryl Gillan Parliamentary Candidate for Chesham and Amersham?
Is Carwyn Jones the leader of Labour or Wales or Peter Hain?

It is clear that Kirsty Williams is leader of the Liberal Democrats in Wales the alternative of Lembit Öpik would be too much.

And Ieuan Wyn Jones is definetly Plaid leader.

But is there reall such a thing as a Welsh Labour, Conservative or Liberal democrat Party?

I think not If there was there would be some difference between them and their London Masters as the Northern Ireland party the SDLP does in taking the Labour Whip (which I criticized in a previous blog) . They could do this but have an independence they do not now have and perhaps this what ensure they Welshness by having bilingual leaflets throughout Wales instead of relying on just a party logo as they do now.

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