Thursday, 29 April 2010

Bigotgate Black Legality

I'm Blogging on two subjects  and apologise but there is a connection

It seems that the media have missed a major point on "Bigotgate". Gillian Duffy views on immigration were some to my mind misguided but that is not the reason why Brown referred to her as a Bigot.. as the following transcript shows . It was because she disagreed with him.

Gordon Brown: That was a disaster...should never have put me with that woman. Whose idea was that?

Aide: I don’t know, I didn’t see her.

Gordon Brown: Sue’s I think. Just ridiculous.

Aide: Not sure that they’ll go with that one.

Gordon Brown: They will go with that one.

Aide: What did she say?

Mr Brown: Everything, she was just a sort of bigoted woman who said she used to be Labour.

We were told that Gordon new strategy was to meet the people but is clear that only people who mostly supported him were to get through.

Of course this is true of all the party leaders . It is rather sad that the old tradition of heckling has been (for want of a better word ) suppressed. The right to disagree is a democratic right Gordon Brown may have been caught out this time: But I wonder if any of the other leaders comments on their encounters with the “Hoi Poli” are any different.


While writing this blog I have been listening to the today programme on BBC4. In two reports they have once again give a negative portrayal of the Nationalist campaigns in Wales and Scotland claiming that a Lib Dem surge in Wales and a Conservative revival threaten any advance Plaid and SNP could be making.

Of course they fail to make the connection with their own exclusion of Alexs Salmond and Ieaun Wynne Jones from the so called Leaders debate. Which they are constantly plugging (as they did for ITV and Sky debates).

The failure of the SNP action is disappointing but not surprising. The main issue to me is that when broadcasting media decide on q policy as ITV, Sky and the BBC have on this issue, then it is impossible for any commentator working for these Institutions to say this is wrong.
Indeed the way they defend their employers (though in the case of the BBC it is actually us) is frighting. Just look at Betsan Powy’s response to Eurfyl-Paxman story on her blog, and there is no response from BBC Wales or the rest of the Welsh Media to constant negative portrayal of Wales by their London Masters.
I have been trying to find my copy of Harri Webbs’s The Green Deser,t because I seem to remember in one of his poems he has the spirit of Owain Glyndwr  referring to the "Black "Legality of English Law.

Perhaps you can help me in finding the reference?

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