Sunday, 3 July 2016

Welsh Greens really need a separate identity,

I have often Blogged on the Green Party here in Wales stating how I personally would like them to form a more distinct Welsh identity so apart from supporting much of the Green Agenda I could sometimes have alternative to Plaid when I feel they have broken promises.

But they really need to sort themselves out .

In a Open letter to: Jeremy Corbyn, Tim Farron, Leanne Wood on behalf of Green Party of England and Wales,
They put forward a case for a Progressive Alliance

It reads
In a spirit of openness and transparency, we are writing to you as Leaders of parties which oppose Brexit, to invite you to a cross-party meeting to explore how we best rise to the challenge posed by last week’s vote to Leave the EU.
Britain is in crisis and people are scared about the future. Never have we had a greater need for calm leadership to be shown by politicians. We have a UK Government in chaos, an economy facing a crisis and people up and down the country facing serious hardship. There is an urgent need to make a stand against any austerity and the slashing of environmental legislation, human and workers’ rights, that may come with Brexit.
With the growing likelihood of an early General Election, the importance of progressive parties working together to prevent the formation of a Tory-UKIP-DUP government that would seek to enact an ultra-right Brexit scenario is ever more pressing.This is an opportunity to recognise that a more plural politics is in both the Left’s electoral and political interests. This crisis exposes the absurdity of our first past the post electoral system. Just 24 per cent of those eligible to vote elected the government that called the referendum. The only fair way to proceed is to have a proportional voting system where people can back the politicians who they believe in, rather than taking a gamble and not knowing who they will end up with.
The idea of a progressive alliance has been floated for several years, and proposals have once again been put forward in the context of the current crisis. We believe that the time has come to urgently consider such ideas together in the context of a Westminster Government. We recognise the very different political situation in Scotland, given the strongly pro-EU majority there. We hope that co-operation between progressive parties there can ensure that this mandate is respected, and we will support them to keep all options open.We look forward to your response,

Natalie Bennett, Leader of The Green Party of England and WalesSteven Agnew MLA, Leader of the Green Party of Northern IrelandAlice Hooker-Stroud, Leader of Wales Green PartyCaroline Lucas, MP for Brighton Pavilion

If the leader of the Northern Irish Greens who have has operated as a region of the Green Party of Ireland since 2006 . Why wasn't the letter written to the leader of the SNP Nicola Sturgeon and why wasn'y it signed by the Scottish Greens ?

But its seeing the Leader of "The Green Party of England and Wales" and then Leader of" Wales Green Party"

Apart from "Wales Green Party" sounding horrible  whey not Green Party of Wales , it looks that the Greens are merely an appendage of England in Wales.

Of course the Unionist Parties Branch Manager in England and Scotland also claim to be the leader there.

But if the Greens here do make seriously moves for a distinct Identity  they will find them selves accused of supporting Wangland  after Scotland makes its departure which will be a great pity.

I don't think the Greens in Wales can grow unless they push forward in the same way they have in Scotland where they seem to have got a further surge.

Lets face it would your rather  see 7 Green Members in the Assembly rather than the two Ukip fractions that there are there now?

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