Sunday, 10 July 2016

NIgel Dix has uncovered another conspiracy

Wales Online recently gave space to Nigel Dix, who represents Blackwood on Caerphilly council, yo claim that many new people were joining the party, hoping to take it to the far left. 
Far left activists are taking over the Labour party, a longstanding councillor in Wales has warned.
Councillor Dix compared it to the efforts of Militant, a Trotskyist group, to take over the Labour Party in the 1980s.
The Caerphilly councillor said: 
“What I see now is very similar to what was going on in the 1980s.
"A lot of new people have joined the Labour Party, but many are doing so because they want to take it to the far left.
"I recognise some of the people who have joined as having been involved in entryism in the 1980s.
"They were part of Militant then – now they’re supporting Corbyn. Some of the far left are taking advantage of the £3 registered supporter status which gave them a vote in the leadership election.

Nigel Dix, was is associated with the group "True Wales" which opposed stronger devolution in Wales seems to see conspiracies everywhere including the he expansion of Welsh Language teaching
: "I think there is an inherent view in the Welsh Establishment that everyone in Wales should have Welsh as their first language, and this is part of that.  It's an attempt at social engineering which I don't think has any chance of success.

" Dix was quoted in a 2011 BBC report making the following statement in reference to the Welsh Assembly:  and the referendum 
At the Time he said  to increase powers in 2011
There are plenty of good reasons to vote No.
At the last referendum we were told that we would get an assembly with limited powers in three key areas.
This has proven not to be the case.
Over the past 10 years we have witnessed a power-hungry assembly that has drawn more and more powers from Westminster and local government to the centre.
The assembly has been dominated by what I call "nationalist light".
There has been an obsession with all things constitutional - costly reports on devolving tax and borrowing, the Richard Commission and discussions on the devolution of law and policing.
It appears that our Assembly Members distrust all things English and also distrust MPs, as they continually attempt to lay the blame for their failures at Westminster's door.
The vote on 3 March is about turning the assembly into a parliament, something that was not stated on the original ballot paper some 12 years ago.
An article in the Western Mail highlighted the scale of AMs' ambitions: if the people of Wales vote Yes, we will simply see more and interference from Cardiff Bay in our everyday lives.
We must ask ourselves whether Wales needs more laws and costly government? The answer has to be a resounding No.
The answer of course was a resounding YES.

So Cllr Dix sees a ard left conspiracy in his own party and given the above statement  a "nationalist light". conspiracy as well.

How realistic  his claims are I leave you to judge  but I wonder  how many Labour members in Wales share both views.?

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