Monday, 4 July 2016

Lord Pillock still thinks he has influence,

He's passed from rising hope to elder statesman without any intervening period whatsoever. 
Michael Foot on On David Steel, 1979
You cannot even add the last part to Baron Kinnock of  Beddwelty who managed to lose Two elections to the Tories even when it was led by the hapless John Major.
Now these days he turns up like  Football Pundit who never won a single Trophy in his playing days criticising the current Team he was once captain of.
The former Labour leader turned up Andrew Marr's show on said party rules mean Mr Corbyn cannot continue in the party’s top job and would need to secure backing from more than 50 MPs if he wanted to fight a leadership challenge.
He told BBC One’s Andrew Marr Show: 
“Members across the country, including newly-joined people, have got deep residual doubts about the possibility of him leading the party to election victory and that means he should reconsider his position on those grounds.”
The peer said the party’s constitution means the leader must have a substantial amount of backing” from Labour MPs.
“That means that unless the leader can have that substantial support in Parliament then there should be a contest or the leader should consider his position and do his duty to the party and resign.”
 Lord Kinnock urged Mr Corbyn’s supporters to think about whether they wanted to “turn up at the funerals of communities and industries” caused by decades more of Conservative rule.

This from the Man who made his name in UK politics  opposing  Welsh Devolution  in 1979 leaving Wales at the mercy of Thatcher ism for for thirteen lon years 
Devolutionary reform will not provide a factory, a machine or jobs, build a school, train a doctor or put a pound on pensions.
South Wales Echo (November 1, 1975).
This  from the man who betrayed the Miners when they struck to protect their jobs .

This from the man ho now sits in the unelected Hoise of Lords
The House of Lords must go - not be reformed, not be replaced, not be reborn in some nominated life-after-death patronage paradise, just closed down, abolished, finished.
Tribune (November 19, 1976).
And can we ever forget his claim the children on Ynys Mon were soiling themselves  by being forced to ask to go the lavatory in Welsh,

But he sirs in the TV stupid  with a stupid grin on his face still pretending to be a man of the people where he is really a failed politician whose own Vaulting ambition  led him to betray his own nation of Wales  and leave his people to the cruel wind of Tatcherism and even Today is prepared to destroy his own Party than see it led by a decent socialist like Jeremy Corbyn,

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