Friday, 1 July 2016

You can't lead by obeying the mob.

"There go the people. I must follow them, for I am their leader." — Alexandre Ledru-Rollin

There has been a remarkable variation pf the French agitator remark during the  early events of the 1948 revolution in France,

It sees Boris Johnson was 

"Cripes there go the people I don't fancy my chances leading them".

Meanwhile amongst Labour MPs there was a feeling

" There go the people lets use the opportunity to ditch out leader"
Nicola Sturgeon response could be said  to be

"There go the people but not our people  and they know I lead them.

Meanwhile maybe Leanne Wood reaction may have been

"There go the people" maybe its time try and lead them in another direction"

So apart for a early gut traction of going into coalition with Labour on the Assembly something that did not go down well with a number of her AM the  leader of Plaid Cymru has called for the people of Wales to start discussing the possibility of the country becoming independent.

Leanne Wood said Brexit was an opportunity to break free from the UK – and though Wales voted overwhelmingly to leave the EU she argued that its citizens would think again if the country became independent.

Plaid has long advocated independence for Wales but seen it as a long-term aspiration rather than a short-term goal. Brexit has altered that.

Wood said:

 “Last Thursday’s vote has changed everything. In all likelihood, with Scotland voting to remain, the UK will cease to exist in the near future. Northern Ireland will be considering its future too.

“Even though this situation was not of our making, Plaid Cymru believes that redesigning the current UK is the only option. A new union of independent nations working together for the common good.
“It is my belief that this independent Wales in a completely different context to last week’s referendum would want to be a part of theEuropean Union.
“This is a huge challenge that we face. All of us, whether we voted in or out should be prepared to be bold and confident in being able to forge a new, strong, inclusive, outward-looking future for our nation.”

As the Guardiam pointed out  

Generally, polls put the number of Welsh people keen on independence at around 10%. Following last year’s Scottish independence referendum, the number fell to 3% in one poll.

If Plaid paid attention to these Polls  then it might  as well give up now But it is the job of Politician who have genuine belief in a clause to convince the people even when they are hostile to change their opinions.

We have seen an unseemly move by cynical politicians  particularly Labour to adopt the right wing rhetoric over Immigration. Highlighted  by this appalling Mug which was sols by the Party during the last election

It didn't work of course.

Abandoning your principles to meet the hysteria whipped up to  by a right wing media which many many voters who have no experience of immigration  fell for is not the way to lead.

Standing by your principals may not immediately pay off but abandoning could mean they are lost for ever,  

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