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Corbyn coup may destroy any reason to be a party member,

I do not support the Labour Party to mind it is a Unionist Party which has betrayed  Wales  and the Loyalty not only in its Laissez Faire  attitude to Devolution but  its pursuit of Middle England and betrayal of the Working Class communities who for so long have given their votes for very little  reward..

However Jeremy Corbyn  is the first  Labour Leader who has supported many of the causes I back and not because he thought doing this would enhance his political career.

Indeed It is a pity Peter Black does not realise this 

In a Post which quotes Shakespeare's  " Vaulting ambition, which o'erleaps itself" he tries to tar Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn with same brush.


 Johnson he his right ...

Two players stand out in the developing farce. There is Boris Johnson, whose personal ambition has led Britain to the brink of a major economic depression, only for him to bottle the final act and withdraw from the battle for the Tory leadership. The quiet assassin in the case was Michael Gove, a man running for a job he has said nine times he lacks the competence and capability to do.

But is he right about Corbyn 

The second player is Jeremy Corbyn, who is seemingly standing Lear-like, unmoved at the top of the Labour Party as his political family desert him. His conceit is that he represents the rank and file of the Labour Party against the vested interests of an establishment which has never accepted him. In that he may be right, but only another leadership contest will offer proof. 
The point of the whole Corbyn challenge is that the Parliamentary Party has always planned  to remove Cobyn even before his election was confirmed. 

As probably the best Blog in these Islands Another Angry Voice  points out 

The coup was pre-planned. There is absolutely no doubt about that. The people who were planning it were so confident of success that they even briefed the Daily Telegraph about their plot to overthrow Corbyn ten days before the referendum result was even announced!
The fact the coup was pre-planned blew a large hole in the narrative that Corbyn had to be ousted because of hissupposedly weak EU referendum arguments ruining the Remain campaign. In order for that narrative to make sense, the plotters would have had to have known the result of the referendum in advance, which they couldn't have done.
The Canary have done some sterling investigative work into the shady network of dodgy PR companies stuffed full of Blairites, shell companies, BBC collusion and so forth who are implicated in the coup attempt. It was inept enough to leave such a trail of evidence to follow up on, but the sheer hubris of telling the newspapers what they were going to do ten days before they did it looks like the kind of PR cock-up that Blair, Mandelson, Campbell and the like worked strenuously to avoid during their time at the top.
Apparently the methods are pretty much the same as classic Blairism, but the execution has become sloppy, over-confident and bizarrely incompetent.

The message to the Membership is  " do think you can elect a leader who reflects your views and values ", We the PLP will decide on who the leader is .
 If the plotters  are to succeed then it there is absolutely no reason to be a Party Member unless you are simply there to provide a workforce fir an elite.

Labour might as well copy Australian politics and simply change their leader  even their  Prime Minister  

Upon Labor's victory in the 2007 federal election, Julia  Gillard became the first female Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, and held the cabinet portfolios of Minister for Education, Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations and Minister for Social Inclusion. On 24 June 2010, after Rudd lost the support of his party and resigned, Gillard was elected unopposed as the Leader of the Labor Party, thus becoming the 27th Prime Minister of Australia. The subsequent 2010 federal election saw the first hung parliament since the 1940 federal election. Gillard was able to form a minority government with the support of a Green MP and three independent MPs. On 26 June 2013, after a leadership spill, Gillard lost the leadership of the Labor Party to Rudd. Her resignation as Prime Minister took effect the following day. Gillard retired from politics on 5 August 2013, before the impending federal election.

The same thing happened among the opposition Party 

Tony Abbott led the Coalition at the 2010 election, which resulted in a hung parliament. Following negotiations, Labor formed a Government, with the support of one Greens MP and three Independent MPs. Abbott was re-elected as Liberal Leader unopposed. Abbott went on to lead the Coalition to victory in the 2013 election and was sworn in as the 28th Prime Minister of Australia on 18 September 2013. On 14 September 2015, Abbott was defeated in a vote for the Liberal leadership (54 votes to 44) by Malcolm Turnbull, who replaced Abbott as Prime Minister the following day.
Do we really want a political that an elite of elects members totally control who the Party leaders are and the poor bloody infantry are merely cannon fodder for the party machine,

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