Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Time for Progressive Left in Wales to quit British State.

With it being so hot I am grateful that Stuart over at WelshnotBritish  has provided us with the list of how Welsh MPs voted in Yesterdays  Trident debate,

Just Five Welsh Labour MPs voted against Trident  which means that that have given the Tories A Blank Cheque to spend on Trident no full cost having been provided.

 Perhaps the best speech came from the SNP Mhari Black

Though Plaid Liz Saville Roberts made an excellent contribution  unfortunately  I have been unable to upload it .

As I said Yesterday  we can only wonder how many Labour MP 's have an old CND badge in their sock draw.

Maybe CND can publish a list of current MPs who are former  members I am sure it wil be illuminating.

But what the Trident debate  proves is that the Majority of Labour are prepared to back the Tories rather than their leader .

The informal Plaid,SNP,Green Alliance  has become the real opposition in the House of Commons .

Labour have lost all claims to be an opposition and the leadership  contest will solve nothing .

Either Jeremy Corbyn wins and his MPs will resharpen their knives for next year .

Or Owen Smith whose claim that he is Left of Centre is dependent n the Left centring on him.

If you are on the Progressive Left in Wales in Scotland  and indeed  Cornwall is it not time that you realise that there no future for such a movement  in the antiquated   British State.

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