Sunday, 24 July 2016

Owen Smith Ponty Boy?

The Wasting Mule reports that  P Owen Smith , who is running against Jeremy Corbyn to be named Labour leader, has revealed how he has received death threats.
The Pontypridd MP said he received an email making reference to the murder of MP Jo Cox who died after being shot and stabbed in West Yorkshire in June following a constituency meeting.
Mr Smith said: “
I got an email this week saying I’d better watch out the same doesn’t happen to me as to Jo Cox. It’s pretty awful.
“Jeremy Corbyn shrugs his shoulders and says he also has death threats. That’s
not good enough. He’s not doing anywhere near enough to stop this happening.”
It's appalling that Mr Smith  has had death threats and I can't condemn such vile actions by obviously sick  Individuals strongly enough.

But to make such a statement  and then appear to apparently  dismiss  climes that Mr Corbyn has had similar death threats is low for Owen Smith .

To Nr Corbyn credit Jeremy Corbyn has not linked the threats  against him  as coming from Mr Smiths  supporters. So it is really for Owen Smith to linl Mr Corbyn in ant way ti the threats made against himself.

Jeremy Corbyn is not responsible for nutters who may not even be a member of the Labour party ;

Does Mr Smith know where the email came from and has he reported it to the Police ? He has a duty himself to see that these threats are dealt with and an apparent death threat should be  dealt with by the law immediately.

According to the Wasting Mule 

Owen Smith was born 46 years ago in the Lancashire resort of Morecambe but grew up in Pontypridd.
As a lad he enjoyed playing rugby at Coedylan Primary and careering through the streets with his pals.
The town is also the constituency he has represented as its MP since 2010.
Which is odd as the Wikipedia  page on him says that

 He was brought up in Barry, Wales, and attended Barry Comprehensive School.
 The Mule goes on to say
Mr Smith is the son of the South Wales miners’ official historian Dai Smith, and his family was Labour to its boots.
His grandad Jack became a miner at 13, lost his job in the 1930s Depression and later went back down the pits again.
He retired just as the 1980s strike was about to begin, when there were 13 pits round Pontypridd. Now there are none.

 Remembering that period, Mr Smith said: 
“Margaret Thatcher’s efforts to smash the miners felt like an effort to smash communities.“The strike was a disaster, but it was bloody heroic - people standing up for themselves.”
Maybe Owen Smith should look at his Dad's book on the Fed and the list of Pit closures  under the "Labour" Government  of 1966-70 and 1974-79

If Mr Smith at 46 can evoke his own youthful memorise  then this writer approaching 63  can also remember that 
 that  was that . What Thatcher did was arguably carry on the process started by Harold Wilson 

Mich more drastically of course  but the Miners and the Working Class in their entirety have been betrayed by the Labour Party Time and Time Agana

I winder if Mr Smith will be showing   "The Blue Scar" which he got on a school trip with his Ponty Barry classmates.   to Big Pit.


  1. Glyn, it looks like Owen Smith and those who support his leadership challenge are doing their utmost to convince us of his immaculate socialist credentials to do the job.

    Unfortunately, the days when the communities of south Wales produced real socialist politician who served their people have long gone.

    What we have today are politicians that are a pale shadow of that past generation and Owen Smith is a prime example.

  2. You're right about the 'blue scar'.

    These Welsh labour politicians appear to be red on the outside but when you scratch the surface they're mostly blue.

  3. If, as Owen Smith claims, he has received death threats via an email then the matter should be fully investigated by the appropriate authorities. There is no justification for this sort of irresponsible and threatening behaviour.

    However, this sort of thing is becoming more and more common. Threats and trolling occur on the Internet and social media during these contests and seems to take on a life of its own.

    Holding Jeremy Corbyn personally to account for this behaviour is equally irresponsible and unfair. The Labour Party already have form for this type of accusation as seen during the Scottish independence referendum.