Monday, 14 September 2015

The Wasting Mule seems to be Corbynlite for now.

If the term Corbynlite comes into popular parlance for  those who now claim to be behind Corbyn whilst not actually supporting his views . I claiming it.

It will remain to be seen whether the Wasting Mule wil be Corbynlite  in its columns but indications are that this is at least for now will be its stance  .

A opinion piece the Political Editor of Media Wales David Williamson while underlying the challenge  for Jeremy Corbyn seems to point to the Mule backing Corbyn
 One thing Mr Corbyn does have which will be admired by every politico in the land is an incredible ability to marshall support. With help from powerful supporters, he motivated an army of people to register to take part in the leadership election; his supposedly formidable opponents completely failed to do this.
If Welsh Labour can persuade people who signed-up to vote for Mr Corbyn to play an active role in the Assembly election they will gain a new army of door-knockers and social media warriors.
Mr Corbyn has a crucial role to play in the Assembly elections if he can persuade his fans to join Labour veterans and get involved in the hard slog of campaigning in their communities.
He started the article  by arguing 

"Can Mr Corbyn persuade people who paid £3 to register to vote in the leadership election to put leaflets through doors in their constituencies"?

He then however in a separate article gives space to Cardiff Central Cardiff Central MP Jo Stevens 

 He writes .

Cardiff Central MP Jo Stevens says it became clear that Mr Corbyn was on the road to his astonishing victory when people flocked to sign-up for the election.

She said:

“For example, in Cardiff Central in the general election, we had a totality of 350 people signed up in the three categories. We’ve now got 1,100 people, which is absolutely brilliant.
' “So if my constituency party is indicative of what has happened elsewhere in the country, we’ve got a huge number of people now to take the fight to the Tories.”
Looking ahead to the May Assembly election battle, she said:
 “[We] have got lots and lots more people to help us campaign on the ground and get Jenny Rathbone elected next May.”
When asked what drew people to Mr Corbyn, she said: 

When he speaks people believe that he’s speaking the truth. You may not agree with everything he says but you don’t doubt that he means what he says.
 “That level of honesty and authenticity is something that has connected with a lot of people.
 It was an overwhelming mandate, both for Jeremy and for Tom in all sections of the vote – members, registered supporters and affiliates.
"They’ve got a clear mandate to lead and I hope everybody will get behind them both and make sure that we start being the best, effective opposition to the Tories : “Jeremy’s job now is to build a shadow cabinet that represents all wings of the party so that everybody within the parliamentary Labour party, membership and beyond sees that he recognises that everybody has a role to play and a contribution to make.
“I think he’ll do that.”

Mr Wiliamson does not seem to have taken the obvious  opportunity to ask Ms  Stevens  why despite her obvious enthusiasm for Corbyn she voted for Andy Burnham.

Nor has the Mule taken the opportunity to ask one of their "Spokesmen" from other parties  which usually appear  in articles on those other than Labour  for their take on this.

Is this going to be the Wasting Mule on the run up to next May. To be little more than a outlet for Labour Pres releases and not allowing the opposition their say whilst finding a "Labour Spokesman" to deride any statement from Plaid and the other parties.

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