Saturday, 5 September 2015

Bedwas, Trethomas and Machen Byelection Labour's hegemony continues.

The Latest Welsh By- Election  has seen a continuation of Labour Hegemony in Wales with yet another Hold in Caerphilly bringing the number up to three holds and no losses in that county since May's General Election

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Local By-Election Result : September 3rd 2015

September 4th, 2015 Bedwas, Trethomas and Machen on Caerphilly (Lab defence)

Lisa Jones Labour  1,002 (47% -14%),
Ron Davies Plaid Cymru 509 (24% +14%), 
Bobby Douglas (Independent, nominated as UKIP) 223 (11%, no candidate in 2012),
John James Dew (Independent) 184 (9%), 
Rita Luckins Conservatives 109 (5%, no candidate in 2012
Ray  Davies (Independent) 106 (5%) Labour HOLD with a majority of 493 (23%) on a swing of 14% from Labour to Plaid Cymru * Independent vote in by-election 513 (25%), Independent vote in 2012 (29%). Change: -4%

Result of ward at last election (2012): Emboldened denotes elected
Labour 1,854, 1,574, 1,282, 1,181 (61%)
Non Party Independents 508, 484, 409, 254 (17%)
Independents 438, 389, 378 (12%)
Plaid Cymru 664, 258 (10%)

This would like  a reasonable swing to Plaid in a Ward where they are not particularly strong but the Plaid Candidate was Ron Davies formally the Labour MP and AM for the constituency and Secretary of S tte for Wales.

Perhaps the most digressing thing is that  Bobby Douglas  who was the Ukip candidate UKIP candidate was suspended during the campaign for writing on Facebook immigrants should be 'GASSED' stillreceived 223 votes in a Byelection which came amour after the death of Veteran Left Winger  Ray Davies

It must be noted that there has not been a a recent byelection in Caerphilly wher Plaid have a strong precense and a previous councilor (Ron Savies was an Independent before 2012) but id they are to win back control of the council in 217 then maybe they would have hoped to do a little better.