Sunday, 13 September 2015

Labour MPs become Corbynlite for know.

After Napoleon escapes from Elba and moves on Paris it is claimed  that therre was a hilarious change in a Newspaper headlines. during the twenty days between the Emperor's landing in the sound and his arrival at the capital.

  • The monster has escaped from his place of exile.'--
  • The Corsican werewolf has landed at Cannes.'--`
  • The tiger appeared at Gap, troops were sent against him, the wretched adventurer ended his career in the mountains.'--`
  • The fiend has actually, thanks to treachery, been able to get as far as Grenoble.'--`
  • The tyrant has reached Lyons, where horror paralysed all attempts at resistance.'--
  • The usurper has dared to advance within a hundred and fifty miles of the capital.'--
  • Bonaparte moves northward with rapid strides, but he will never reach Paris.'--
  • Tomorrow Napoleon will be at our gates. 
  • His Majesty is at Fontainebleau. 
Don't expect such asea change in our media but it already happened in the attitude of Labour MPs as many who wouldn't have touched Jeremy Corbyn  with a barge poll try to give the impression that they may be if not Corbynites then Corbynlite

Shadow work and pensions secretary Rachel Reeves and education spokesman Tristram Hunt have both said they will not serve on the new leader's front bench, though they probably doubt Jeremy going to offer jobs to politicians indistinguishable from the Tories.

However, Shadow Welsh Secretary Owen Smith  tipped by some to be Shadow Chancellor said said he was "a Labour man first and foremost" and would be willing to serve in Mr Corbyn's shadow cabinet. 

He described the leadership election as "an amazing moment", calling on Labour to unite and "capitalise" on the interest of more than 400,000 people who voted in the contest.
"We've got a phenomenon on our hands that we need to work with for the betterment of the people we seek to represent," he said.

First Minister Carwyn Jones congratulated Mr Corbyn on his "impressive" win.
He added: "His campaign has energised a huge number of people who were previously disengaged from party politics and we must embrace that.
"We should also thank the other leadership candidates for a campaign well-fought. The challenge for the party now is to come together, get organised and take on the Tories.
"I look forward to meeting with Jeremy soon to discuss our campaign plans for the vital election in Wales next year."

Other leading Welsh Labour figures called for unity behind their new leader.
Shadow Culture Secretary and Rhondda MP Chris Bryant told BBC News: "We're good at knocking lumps out of each other ... we need to knock lumps out of the Tories."
Cynon Valley MP Ann Clwyd tweeted: "Jeremy - brill! Human rights will be safe in your hands.
"Your tenacity and sincerity have inspired a new generation."
  You can be forgiven for laughing at Ms Clwyd one of Tony Blair,s biggest supporters in the interventions in the Middle East congratulating one of the bigest critics  of such a policy

I can understand thier call for unity  but as WelshnotBritish points out suport for Corbyn from Welsh MP swas thin on the ground
Graph from WelshnotBritish.

Though it is claimed Merthyr MP Gerald Jones MP backed a Corbyn and Watson but that might just be him seeing the way the vote was going.

II for one welcome  Corbyn victory it doesn't mean for one moment I will be voting for them though after all the ragtag of Labour MPs in Wales above will still be there and there and some with the rest of the Labour benches  will be some sharping thier knives to stab the man in the back as son as possible.

 Napoleon himself did not last long being defeated at Waterloo after the timely arrival of the Prussian General Blucher turned the tide.


  1. Gerald openly supported Burnham on his twitter, even stating he was proud to support him.

    The only MP missing off the list is Mark Tami from Alyn & Deeside. He hadn't publicly backed anyone. This was confirmed by the people running their branch FB page which looked like it was being run by Corbyn himself.

  2. What will happen to Plaid? Leanne's politics are very similar to Corbyn's. Her party must now turn away from anti-Austerity, feminism, socialism and environmentalism, and focus on its core reason-for-being: Welsh nationalism.

    1. Why should Plaid allow itself to have its policies dictated by what's happening or not happening to Labour?

    2. Labour is returning to its core, original values. Plaid should do that too, which means abandoning left/right posturing.

    3. Abandoning Left/Right for what . Do you honestly believe the party should have no stance on any issue except independence.