Sunday, 6 September 2015


It is noticeable that when supermarkets do condensed to have Bilingual signs in Wales . The Welsh Language is often protra\yes in a smaller and less distinct Font.

Which has led me to ask the question should we have a distinct Font Cymraeg .

I'm not suggesting we adopt the Gaelic used in Ireland. But it is distinct


In Scotland they don't use the Font but Gaelic is distinct when its used
 Gaelic-English signposts in Scotland

But here in Wales Cymraeg is not only below the English but no effort is made  to make it distinct

Road sign in Barry

So should we copy Ireland and have a cleat and different Official Font for Cymraeg all Bilingual signs in Wales.

I can Se an argument that it could be sen as making the Welsh Language exotic rather than a living Language.

But it might well be better than the system now where Cymraeg is given second billing..

Maybe the next Assembly committee responsible for Culture (is there one) should consider it.

Maybe someone has even done so and there are exanples of a Font Cymraeg.?

Maybe even sponsor a Competition for ab Official Cymraeg Font to be use don all new signs as and on existing sIG as they ' are replaced.

It might even make it easier for the Odious Toby Young to get around Wales

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