Friday, 4 September 2015

Leanne Wood on GMB answers misleading pol on "Migrants"

Leanne Wood was on Good Morning Britain Yesterday discussing the refugee crisis.
She argued that the UK and Wales should more to help since there are big discrepancies in the number of people that have been helped by different states.
While Germany has taken 800,000 refugees the UK has so far only given asylum to a few hundred people during the present crisis.
She has called on the UK to take in a quota of people and has called for Wales to take its fair share of this number

Good Morning Britain disgracefully  stared wit a poll asking people if they wanted to offer "Migrants a Home"

Leanne I think dealt with this superbly in that she read the meaning of the poll as I did

A totally misleading poll

Did people see this as asking them if they wanted to take "Migrants" (not Refugees mind)  into their houses 

What happened tp the 3 in 6 who didn't respond? Were they confused by the question?

Still the public mod is changing after the heart breaking  picture of the drowned body of 3 year old Aylan Kurdi whose family had fled Syria.

And the Media in many cases Hypocritically The Daily Mail maybe the worst.

 Mail refugees 1

No the worst is the BBC and ITV we expect the Beeb in particular to give us a insight into what is happening . Instead they have constantly refused to refer to Refuges and still use the term Migrants'

Constant negative stories from Calais and on,y the briefest mention of the constant deaths by drowning of people fleeing War and personification of which little Aylan Kurdi has become a symbol.

Only a few politicians have been brave enough to speak out on this Humanitarian crisis  Leanne Wood is one .

We can expect more do so now but it is to late for those who have perished.

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