Saturday, 26 September 2015

Labour clearly have no future plans for Wales to move foward.

 I have no problem with the Wasting Mule giving a huge amount of space solely devoted to Labour on the eve of their UK conference.

I do however have a problem with them not giving room for political opponents to comment on the bullshit that comes out of the "Welsh Labour leadership.

With First Minister Carwyn Jones giving space to claim that Welsh Labour can honour Keir Hardie's legacy by winning power as he calls for unity ahead of conference

The first minister warned:

 “Without power, all we can do with Hardie’s legacy is discuss it – to truly honour his legacy we must govern, we must drive change in society. The fact that we have moved with the people in Wales, and stayed at the helm over 16 years has been no mean achievement, and we should never, ever take that for granted.”
Mr Jones argued former Merthyr Tydfil MP Hardie was 

“a deal-maker and strategist” who decided against adding “Socialist” to the title of the party “because he thought the label too divisive and that it might narrow the appeal.”
 True  but nowhere does Carwyn seem to mention that Kier Hardie was also a passionate supporter for Home Rule and that coexisted with the formation of Party whose intentions were to represent Workingmen.

Labour are no longer the inheritors of Kier Hardie  and while I would not argue that Plaid or thew SNP are . Kier Hardie may have been a litle more comfortable with these parties than at least before Corbyn  Labour.

Space is also given to Labour's Shadow Governor General Secretary of State for Wales  Nia (who) Griffiths.

The Mule claim

Nia Griffith pledges to pursue the 'best settlement for Wales' as she prepares for conference debut as Shadow Welsh Secretary

Ms Griffiths said: 

“What matters more than anything it is should be easy to understand [so] that we have absolute clarity about what the Welsh Government can and cannot do. Anything less than that is not good enough...
“These people are experts in the field and if they are raising considerable concerns then that’s really got to be taken seriously, otherwise you could end up back in the situation of going to court over this, that and the other.”
 Her priority as Shadow Welsh Secretary it seems  is to secure the “best settlement for Wales” – both in terms of devolution and funding. She fears “savage cuts” are heading Wales’ way.

So is that Labour ambition ? Tidy up the legalise .  Nothing from both politicians that can really see Wales moving forward and if the Tories are offering "devodipynbach" then all you can say is that you work for the best settlement from it.

She is also apparently  concerned by the Conservative manifesto commitment to give English MPs a de facto veto on legislation deemed England-only, describing the pledge as a “quick, short-term fix so the Conservatives stop losing votes to Ukip” made “without necessarily thinking through the consequences of what they are actually doing.”

So that the two Welsh Labour leader one  evoking the spirit of a leader who would not recognise the party he created today including its commitment to the Union in its present form and another who ses her job not to come up with any call for Wales to get similar powers to Scotland but to try and "tidy up" the Tories current plans .

Whatever happens under Corbyn in Westminster it is clear thet Welsh Labour no longer have Plans for former First Minister  Rhodri Morgan's "clear red water" between  their counterparts over  the boarder but for a polluted stream.

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