Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Nia Griffiths to fight for Wales in Shadow Cabinet (as if)

Yesterday I commented on the Wasting Mule habit of getting a view from other Parties "Spokesmen" when presenting a news about Plaid say when seemingly reporting on News about "Welsh Labour " without any comment from their rivals

So I was not surprised when today it gives space to the announcement  Nia Griffth has been appointed Shadow Welsh Secretary as Owen Smith moves over to become Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary in Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour frontbench shake-up without the views of the other Parties in Wales appearing particularly when it comes to the apointment  of the Shadow Welsh Secretary.

So we have been left with theShadow Welsh Secretary Nia Griffith who said: 

“I am very honoured to be asked to take on the role of Shadow Welsh Secretary, building on the work of my predecessor Owen Smith who is now Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary and working alongside him and fellow Welsh Labour MP Chris Bryant, Shadow Leader of the House.
“Jeremy Corbyn has surpassed all expectations with his resounding victory in the Labour Leadership contest, and it is vital now that we all get behind him to fight for what we all believe in – a fairer and more equal society.
"In Wales the Welsh Labour government have a fantastic record of delivery and I look forward to working closely with Jeremy, Carwyn and the entire Welsh Labour team to deliver another Labour victory in Wales this May and beyond.
“I am proud to be part of a strong shadow cabinet that will work tirelessly to expose the Tories’ callous approach and will be standing up for Wales against their plans to slash support to working families, muzzle trade unions and make it harder for working people to win a fairer

 Apart from a bit of fluf from First Minister Carwyn Jones the rection of other Welsh Poltians was absent.

Once again I am saved a great deal of work by WelshnotBritish . Who provides us with Labour voice iof Wales (as if) in the Shadow Cabinet who shows tha Ms Griffiths will undoubtedly stand against any futher powers for Wales.


 Hardly the record of sineone standing up for Wales and even if you are Left -Unionist  her record is still pisspoor

Another  WelshnotBritish Masterpiece

To be fair to Jeremy Corbyn if he wanted a Progressive voice Welsh in his Shadow Cabinet he was unlikely to find one.  Instead he has promoted s r to become Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary though Owen was hoping for the Shadow Chancellors job  and  demoted  Arch-Blarite  Chris Bryant, Shadow to Leader of the House.

Such is the nature of Labours MPs in Wales  it would be hard  to find one calling for parity with  Scotland under Mr Corbyn leadership which allows Ministers to pursue a line contrary to Jeremy's views.

Indeed we might well see Labour MPs in Westminster calling to a halt even of Devolution Dipynbach as they now feel that they can  openly oppose any further powers for Wales without fear of being sacked.

If Plaid feel that Corbyn may match them on the Anti-Austerity level then surely as the record of Nia Griffiths shows they clearly have a Unique Selling Point (USP) when it comes to Wales matching Scotland when it comes to devolved powers and as noble as the intentions of the New Labour leader are without a single Welsh MP ready to come forward with a plan for Wales he may well find that Welsh Labour far from putting Clear Red Water between them and the Westminster Party (as Rhodri Morgan Put it) they may wish to drain the lake.

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  1. Archetypal Labour charlatan. Campaigns against post office closure in her constituency and votes for it in Parliament. This duplicitous behavior has been repeatedly exposed by Plaid, Plaid ran a strong campaign in 2015, the electorate of Llanelli is still overwhelmingly Welsh and this person is still elected. I don't yet despair, but we have to begin to consider the sanity of people who clearly vote again and again against their own interests. It is the same across the Valleys. Blaenau Gwent is one of the poorest areas in Europe and has been for almost 100 years. Chris Bryant was (and is) a Tory and has prostituted himself on a public forum. How are these people elected?