Thursday, 3 September 2015

David Davies MP is a heartless bastard.

It is  typical of the Wasting Mule that they concentrate on a spat between Labour and Paid Cymru over the news that  that leader Leanne Wood has been accused of taking “a harder line on Syrian refugees than Ukip” after suggesting each local authority in Wales should take two or three Syrian refugee families and not the comments of Tory MP David Davies.

Speaking on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme she said: “Plaid Cymru has said since the beginning of this crisis that it requires a humanitarian response

We think Wales should play a role.”
Asked what sort of number of refugees Wales should take in Ms Wood replied: 

Well, it’s very difficult to put an exact number on it.
“But I’ve previously supported Oxfam’s call in regard to Syrian refugees, for example, which would amount to just two or three families per council area in Wales – a relatively small number.”

Welsh Labour pointed out the average size of a Syrian family was 5.5 people. Projecting the “two or three families” mooted by Ms Wood across the UK would mean a total intake of about 1,275 people – fewer than the 3,000 proposed by Ukip’s Nigel Farage.

A Welsh Labour spokesman said: 

“People from all parties will be puzzled by Leanne Wood’s decision to take a harder line on Syrian refugees than Nigel Farage and Ukip.

“The humanitarian tragedy unfolding has seen terrible human suffering on a scale barely comprehensible.

“We have a proud history of providing sanctuary to those fleeing persecution and conflict yet the Tory UK Government is completely failing to live up to that tradition. This is the time for action not more overblown rhetoric.'She should ditch her current stance'
“Rather than pitching herself to the right of Nigel Farage and letting the Tories off the hook, Leanne Wood should ditch her current stance which is more extreme than Ukip and throw her support behind Labour’s call to accept 10,000 refugees.

 A Plaid Cymru spokesman said:
“It is a sad indictment of the state of the Labour party that they should seek to score cheap political points on the back of the biggest humanitarian crisis facing Europe.“Leanne rightly gave context during her interview by citing previous Oxfam suggestions of two to three refugee families per local authority as a reasonable figure before the crisis reached current levels.
“Leanne has sought since April agreement among the parties in Wales for an agreed refugee quota for each of the nations of the UK which would of course need to reflect the scale of the crisis as it stands.
“It is worth remembering that she first mooted the suggestion on the very day the previous Labour leader was in Cardiff ‘talking tough’ on immigration.
“This intervention amounts to dreadful political opportunism on the back of enormous human tragedy – from a party who went to the trouble of producing now notorious anti-immigration mugs.”

You can make your mind up whose right (if any) but at least both are moving to some kind of Humanitarian response 

It a pity however they don't unite and turn their fire on Monmouth Tory David Davies who  told the BBC

Most of the refugees attempting to enter the UK are not fleeing war, but are "mostly young men, mostly with mobile phones, chancing their luck",
He told BBC Radio Wales while he would probably do the same in their situation, the UK should not accept any more.

The Conservative said they have made "an economic decision" and are heading to the places where they are most likely to get benefits or work.

Well probably most  the Refuges at Calais arey young men because it is easier for them to get there .

For families with young children fleeing War or the fate of living in terrible conditions in a refugee camp in constant fear that the conflict Will cross the border it is much harder and we have seen Pictures like this .

and sorry if it disturbs you but it needs  to be shown if only so the likes of David Davies and those who made comments on the Mules website about Library after Leanne call claiming wee need to spend the money on Libraries se it and get a shot of humanity.

Bur Mr Davies is well aware of the true nature of the problem and it shows what adisgrace he is to talk about young men with mobile phones


The image of a 3 year old  Syrian child lying dead  shows the true case of the Humanitarian crisis.

Where's his mobile phone Mr Davies do you think his parents thought it would be easy to leave their homes for a lucrative life in the West ,

They were fleeing war and destitution  and if it at least doesn't change your mind ( and you are a heartless bastard if it doesn't) at least show some kind of humanity in yoyr rhetoric.


Anonymous said...

We've also carried a photo of Aylan today Glyn - not a very easy image to look at - but you've done the right thing! Sadly it might take heartbreaking images like this to change british government policy - and public attitudes - to the subject of refugees and migrants. We should be heartened too by welsh politicians stating their support for more syrian refugees being resettled in Wales. David Davies is obviously doing his best to maintain his reputation as wales answer to katie hopkins.

glynbeddau said...

Yes I have read your piece and concur . It was not an easy decision to show . Let us hope it wakes people up to what the real story is.