Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Are Cameron and Murdoch plotting to undermine a Corbyn leadership.?

I find myself rapidly becoming a conspiracy theorist and one of my latest is a theory that British Prome Minister David Cameron is tailing his policy on refugees  to embarass Labour in the wake of Jermey Corbyn leader of the opposition

Cameron decision to take refugees from camps rather than Europe  loos like appease his own right wing  

But the decisision to bomb Iis in Syria allows Murdochs Sun to come up with the sort of Front Page you can expect for the next 5 years

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And  yesterday saw the Sun backing the Drone attack


HERE’S a message from The Sun to the human rights brigade contorting themselves with anguish over the drone killings of British terrorists: Get real. And grow up.
Britain overwhelmingly backs precision attacks on the monsters plotting slaughter on our streets.
But since the Left’s professional hand-wringers are struggling with it, let’s spell the arguments out.
First, consider what sort of people Reyaad Khan, Ruhul Amin and Junaid Hussain were and why they were in Raqqa, Syria’s IS stronghold.
They were not there on holiday.
They were not at an inter-faith camp singing kumbaya around the campfire. Nor were they ambassadors for world peace, lobbying the jihadists to down tools.
They went to join a death cult which, as Angelina Jolie said yesterday, uses gang rape as a weapon and considers children fair game.

Which kidnaps women as sex slaves. Which hurls homosexuals to their deaths from towers.
Which burns fellow human beings alive, filming it for their perverted pleasure and to post online.
Which has slaughtered tens of thousands of innocents — including last month the chief archaeologist at Palmyra, his 82 blameless years ended by torture and decapitation.
Millions of Syrian refugees have fled their reign of terror, along with the savagery of other Islamist groups and the genocide of President Assad.
The blame for their misery lies firmly with IS and others. This is the subhuman sect our jihadis enthusiastically joined.

I don't suppose anyone at the Sun remotely  noticed in this editorial that they have admitted the reasons why people are fleeing the region and trying to get to some form of safety.

But in a Newspaper largely aimed at working class readers who may be inclined  to vote Labour it would be welcome by Cameron to see his policies so well backed in the same way Thatchers fortunes were changed by the Falklands War.

Anybody questioning Cameron policy is  labelled a Coward or even a Traitor with such headlines and editorials as above.

Having a policy to override Parliament and bomb Syria and to carry out what amounts to summery execution is one thing having it because  it gets the backing of the right wing media and can be used against your opponents is another.

Conspiracy theory? Well I can not really think of any other reason for such a foolhardy policy which will solve nothing and probably make things worse


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