Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Can't drive then no access to justice.

Eleven planned court closures will "erode access to justice" in Wales, the Law Society has warned.
The UK government is consulting on plans to shut 91 courts and tribunals in England and Wales.

Law Society president Jonathan Smithers said it had "grave concerns" about the proposals which would mean people would have to travel elsewhere.

The government has said if the plans go ahead, 95% of people could drive to another court in an hour. 

Which leads to a simple question

What if you don't bloody drive or have an acess to a Car.?

What if you lived in an area with poor Public Transport?

I dispute the 95% figure anyway .

Carmarthenshire council met on Tuesday to discuss the implications should Carmarthen Law Courts shut.
Carmarthen Civil, Family, Tribunal and Probate Hearing Centre is also earmarked for closure.

Plaid's Council leader Emlyn Dole said the rural nature of Carmarthenshire would make it "impossible" for some to reach hearings transferred to Swansea and Llanelli. 

If you are expected to attend a Magistrate court at 9:0:A M public transport may not getr you there and for others especially invalids such a journey may not be possible

It could lead to people not turning up for cases or Late nad being fined or dropping  cases because they facew an impossible journey.

 The Courts under threat are
  • Brecon Law Courts
  • Bridgend Law Courts
  • Carmarthen Civil, Family, Tribunal and Probate Hearing Centre
  • Carmarthen Law Courts (The Guildhall)
  • Dolgellau Crown and Magistrates' Court
  • Holyhead Magistrates' Court
  • Llangefni Civil and Family Court
  • Neath and Port Talbot Civil and Family Court
  • Pontypridd Magistrates' Court
  • Prestatyn Magistrates' Court
  • Wrexham Tribunal (Rhyd Broughton) 
 People have already  have had to travel long distances because of previous court closures.

  The same issue apples to closure of units at local hospitals the Maternity at
Wrexham Maelor hospital. faces
temporary downgrading of doctor-led maternity services at This option would see up to 1000 expectant mothers forced to travel to either Glan Clwyd or Chester to have their babies.

Others like the Maternity Unit at Royal Glamorgan in Llantrisant have been under threat 

Mayber part of the problem is that those making the dissension all drive probably have cars provided for them and haven't been on a Bus for decades  and they simply beleive what is easy for them is easy for the rest of us.

Every person making these proposals should  try and travel to their prepossessed destination from  an are that is "One hour by car" on public transport .

They may be a little more sympathetic . Though i doubt it.

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