Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Fog in Channel – Continent Cut Off

So ran the (probably apocryphal) headline. 

With the mood of the British public changing as a photograph shows us the true case of the Humantarian crisis of the refugges trying to get into Europe David Cameron has ben forced at least to respond and give ye impression he was going to do something from a humantarian standpoint

So yesterday he announced..

"We are proposing that Britain should resettle up to 20,000 Syrian refuges over the rest of this parliament. In doing so, we will continue to show the world that this country is a country of extraordinary compassion,".
 But Cameron's plan is to take these refugees from Camps from countries like Jordon

There appears to be no plan to help take refugees from Europe as well as directly from Syria - including Hungary and Greece the latter country in particular already in a financial crisis  which  is struggling to respond to the number of people who have arrived on their shores, many of whom are in makeshift and overcrowded camps.

Steve Symonds, Amnesty International UK's refugee expert, commented: 

"It shouldn't have taken a photograph to get politicians to start to do the right thing, but this news offers a vital lifeline to thousands of Syrians. If acted upon urgently, it will be a truly positive step forward.
"However, it does not address the huge challenge facing Europe right now - countries like Greece and Hungary cannot cope alone. Nor does it offer a solution to the many Eritreans, Afghans and others, forced to flee bullets, bombs, torture and overcrowded refugee camps elsewhere.
"We all need to acknowledge there is no single measure that can immediately solve the current crisis, and no one country can achieve its resolution all by itself.
"So far the UK has been unwilling to share responsibility for refugees arriving in Europe. This position undermines efforts to secure a comprehensive response - saving lives, tackling people smuggling and resolving conflicts and other crises at the heart of this exodus."
The announcement comes after Mr Cameron finally bowed to pressure on Friday to step up Britain's role in alleviating the growing refugee crisis engulfing Europe, but would give no further details than pledging to accept "thousands more" into Britain.

It seems that Cameron has turned his back on the crisis in Europe you .

I suppose by distinguishing between "Good Refugees" who live in squalor in countries in Jordon and  "Bad Refugees" who risk their lives and their families in trying to cross over to Europe., you could argue that Cameron has a point that you don't want to reward the "Bad Refugees".

But that doesn't solve the current crisis or help our European partners some like Germany and Sweden who have responded honourably  to the humanitarian crisis.

What Cameron is saying is that its Europe's problem and we are not really part of Europe and we can  pretend to help the crisis at source by taking a paltry 5000 year some of whom we will apparently deport when the children reach eighteen

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  1. Good Lord the Great British Public are so easy to manipulate. Kids have been killed by the West's allies in numbers from Ukraine to Yemen by way of Gaza with hardly a peep. Do we think that the Kurdish child was the first to wash up on a Mediterranean beach, hardly with regular drownings of refugee vessels over the last few years?

    As for the media's following of a couple of thousand refugees up the Balkans and into central Europe, surely that's just street theatre. Especially when you learn that some of the more active young men are revealed as Al Nusrafighters from Syria, thats Al Nusra AKA Al Qaida, a Western ally in the Syrian war.

    And the purpose of this manipulation, to get the public on side for a war against IS - notice they never mention AQ - which once started will quickly transform to a war against the Syrian regime, the real enemy as far as NATO and the CIA are concerned.

    A second motive to accustom us to cheap labour for all those jobs that capital finds difficult to transfer to the third world and lastly to undermine the nation states of Europe which are seen as at least some kind of bulwark against globalisation.