Sunday, 17 April 2011

Watching the watchers,

The good people at Subordinate Centre have been entertaining us on a regular basis by their waste watchers column they are now on day 13 One can only wonder how long they can keep it up and relevant with out getting to the level of questioning the number of paper clips used at the Assembly?.

To be fair they haveat times  actually a exposed a lot of waste at  the Assembly but much of it is small in comparison with Westminster Departments and one one wonders if the good people at Subordinate Centre can turn their eyes to these departments perhaps even ones run by their LIbdem Westminster colleagues in the coalition.

The disclosure do show that the Libdems in the Assembly probably have the best research department in the assembly and certainly this has helped La Pasionaria over the last difficult year , with her successful attacks on the way the NHS is run in Wales and it could be argued that it would be a pity to lose such a team if the Libdems do exceptionally badly in the forthcoming poll in Wales.

The trouble is that the Subordinate Centre revelations  reek of desperation of a Party that for the first time in memory finds its own roll in power of a legislature being criticised ,and its one thing for "a much vaunted " research group to come up with statistics to criticise the Welsh assembly government but its another to come up with policies  which will see us through the austerity measures that their colleagues at Westminster are imposing on us,

So in reality  all Subordinate centre can do is criticise (and rightly so) government waste. Though the seldom offer coherent solutions and when not commenting on waste are reduced largely to looking for the occasional  small victory granted to Nick Clegg by his Tory master

Meanwhile Peter Black has the effrontery to use a column . in the Wales on Sunday to attack Labour for Negative campaigning.

Perhaps the loss of some pretty useful researches  will be worth it, if it reduces a hypocritical, dishonest party to the numbers it really deserves to have say 3.


  1. Perhaps you should re-read my blog. I am attacking them for pretending that they are not going negative. That is slightly different to criticising negative campaigning per se, which has a place in politics as long as it does not get personal.

  2. Peter
    I think I stand by comment. I'm afraid there a tendency for your Party to claim to be above such things when in fact they are often the wort culprits.

  3. It is a tendency adopted by Labour in this instance.

  4. Peter.
    Yes it is Labour in this instance.