Wednesday, 27 April 2011

So it's a referendum on the Con/Lib government then?

referendum As I've said in past post. I do not think AV is the answer and is no better than the current First Past the Post system and I intend to write a S in the Yes box to show my support for STV.

My views have not been changed by the actions of both the Yes and No camps .

Yesterday I received the NO leaflet (I still have not received the Yes one). ( I will be commenting on the delivery of election leaflets tomorrow)

As you can see part of the No campaign is an attack on the Libdems and the issue of Tuition fees.Despite the fact that the Tories would have implemented these fees if they had received a overall majority last May.

What they are apparently  saying is "Punish Nick Clegg by voting NO.

But the Yes side are just as bad Yesterday Peter Mandelson Claimed that a   Vote yes for AV would put David Cameron out of a job.

Mandelson added:
  "What I'm saying to my party is, think strategically. How is it best to collapse the coalition?"

So both sides are saying , "Ignore the  merits of either AV or FPTP and vote to embarrass thr Politician you most dislike".

Is this the way to run a democratic debate? Forget that this is a referendum on our electoral system and lets have one on the Party leaders.

Of course the same could be said of the Welsh Assembly elections where Labour are trying and succeeding in transforming it into a  vote on the Con/Libdem coalition  at Westminster.

The same will be true of the Local Council elections in England  but it looks like Scotland will vote mainly on Scottish issues.

One of the reasons I support STV is that occasionally  I feel sorry for good hardworking councilors of parties I would not normally vote for  who lose their seats because the electorate want to give the government of the day a good kicking
Through STV Voters can have the opportunity to save those who despite their party affiliations have served their community and electorate by giving them a high ranking  .

It would be a good idea if the next assembly look at the  election system in Wales a start would be to introduce STV at local elections as has been done in Scotland.

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