Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Peter Black meets Alex Ferguson.

It sometimes seems professional politicians are like Football managers, they always see fouls and offsides by the opposing side, but never see those of their own side. Or if the video evidence its obvious, then they claim the oppositions tactics are worse.

In my last Post I accused Peter Black of having the " effrontery to use a column . in the Wales on Sunday to attack Labour for Negative campaigning".

Peter commented on this  that he was referring to  Labour's Hypocrisy in denying that they took part in Negative campaigning.

So in his latest blog in which he points us to a very dubious Tory leaflet, in which they produce a Bar Chart that is so misleading they would be accused of false advertising if they were a commercial company,  he covers himself from a similar charge by writing...
"I am more than content to admit that one or two Liberal Democrat bar charts have been a bit suspect in the past but even I was shocked by this one. It has appeared on a Conservative leaflet in Swansea West. This is especially so after receiving a lecture via twitter from the former Welsh Conservative AM for South Wales Central, Andrew R.T. Davies about how awful my party is in this regard. It seems that we cannot compete with the Welsh Tories".

Almost a year ago to this day ,one of my first Blogs was on "Those Little Libdem Bar Charts"  with a reference to one that  the Libdems placed on a leaflet for the UK General Election for  Pontypridd  based on a Community Council By-election result in which only 614 people had voted.

I'm afraid.That if the Tories are producing "Dodgy Bar charts" (An clearly they are in Swansea West) they still are learning from their new coalition partners.

Pointing out that someone else  has done wrong by trying to say "It's worse than what we did "  does not excuse you.


  1. I think a pie graph is much better for the Welsh politicla parties cus you they are either going around in circles or want a bigger share of the pie.

    Bar charts are inherently sexist. You would have thought the lib dems would have outlawed bar charts

  2. Yeah pie charts ar emuch better anon bar charts are sexist

  3. Peter Black would be a good manager of Man U