Saturday, 30 April 2011

Liberal Desperatecrats.

.They Claim that the best things come to those that wait . But not in this case. I received this Royal Mail delivered LibDen Election Communication today. It one of the most negative leaflets they have ever produced.

It supposed to be for the South Wales Central regional seats but you would find it be hard to work that out.

Completely monolingual (So much for equality for the Welsh Language) printed in Sheffield (So much for supporting Welsh Industry)  it only barely mentions any candidates standing on the list, but is full of photos of La Pasionaria who although the party leader and I admit photogenic is not a candidate here.

Says virtually nothing on what the Libdems would introduce in the next Assembly but simply concentrates on attacking the previous governments record mainly on Education and Health . Which quite frankly no one one will ever be happy with .

But there is one clear example of the way this Party works . There is a photoshop of Airplane with th logo Labour Air claiming millions have been spent on flight subsides . Anyone  familiar with Libdem Blogs in Wales   woyld know that they have always sneered as this as being "Ieuam Air" to claim that the flight from North Wales to South was solely there to accommodate the Plaid leader.

Of course its likely there will be No Libdems AM's  from North Wales so they will not be using i after May.

Clearly they think there are more votes in this if they associate this with Labour in this region, I wonder if there are examples of  a similar  leaflet with but  the logo  showing Ieaun Air in other parts of Wales.

This  leaflet shows how desperate this Party is and why they deserve to lose not only Cardiff Central but fail to gain a Regional seat in South wales Central, Give you second vote to either Plaid or the Greens and not these opportunist.
This negative misleading leaflet shows just what a Nasty Party the Libdems are 0/10


  1. Ypou may insult them but what the lib dems are saying on that leaflet is true

  2. It's not the truth though it's cherry picked (or rather the opposite. That I'm questioning. It's that it is their only argument. When you revert to such measures you are desperate.