Friday, 15 April 2011

Labour defend "lower and middle" earning individuals and families.Not in RCT

Yesterday Leaflet was from Labour in the form of a faux Newspaper entitled Labour Herald promoting their candidate for the Pontypridd Constituency. Of course it makes great play of the Tory/Lib Dem cuts and rightly points out that these are.....

"Too much too soon and that they ’re disproportionately hitting lower and middle earning individuals and families".
Coincidentally I received my latest copy of Private Eye and in it “Rotten Boroughs"  has column points out just how much Labour in Wales are resisting the cuts.
They report on how RCT council of which Pontypridd is a part reducing the incomes of home care and nursing staff by up to 40%

In fact thousands of workers were threatened with the sack if they refused to t sign new contracts and when some did. In a gross parody of Neil Kinnock's speech

"and you end in the grotesque chaos of a Labour council – a Labour council! – hiring taxis to scuttle round a city handing out redundancy notices to its own workers".
RCT sent HR of officers late at night in order to bully reluctant staff to sign new contracts .

Meanwhile Chief Executive Keith Griffiths took home £180000 pay and expenses in the year 2009-2010 a 6% increase .
And Labour Leader Russell Roberts Received

£56,619 Plus for his role and

$20,092 Plus for Chairing the South Wales Police Authority and

$42,282 Plus as interim chair of Cwm Taf Health trust.

A similar story of Labour defending “hitting lower and middle earning individuals and families”. Can be told of the other Labour controlled council in Wales Neath Port Talbot.

This is the Party who main message this election is "Let us run the Assembly and we will fight for you against the Con/Libdem government in Westminster" despite the evidence of RCT and Neath Port Talbot.

At a recent rally in Pontypridd against the cuts Union members condemned RCT council. But the only political figure allowed to address the rally was Mick Antoniw . Nowhere in his speech did he condemn the actions of RCT council.The Unions still show loyality to Labour even when they are condming them. The idea that they can seperate the Part at local council level and National Assembly is not on.

From ther the Unions tat the rally he rhetoric was there but I can’t help thinking that if RCT was still a Plaid controlled council and they had tried to issue such cuts in the condition of the workers  unions like the GMB would be more aggressive.

And perhaps this shown that the address of Pontypridd Constituency party is GMB house Morgan street Pontypridd.

The actions of Labour in RCT show that their claims to fight for Wales and Welsh workers is just smoke. They do not deserve our support and they do not deserve to get our votes just  because we despise the Con/Lib cuts.

Conservative Libdem and Labour are all the same. They only cae for "Middle England" and the rest of us can go hang.

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