Monday, 11 April 2011

So Who's Standing?

First Leaflet I had for the Assembly campaign .as you can see it's for Labours South Wales Central regional list.

First thing to say is that it's fully Bilingua,l so congratulations there.

The context is rather sparse on proposals (We did vote for Law making powers last Month so where are they?

And there is the "We will stand up for Wales against the Tory cuts (No mention of possible Lib-dem coalition  partners though).

But the most curious thing about the leaflet is he absence of the names of the candidates on the South Wales Central regional list.
As the names of the candidates will not be displayed on the ballot paper surely the parties should should let us now on their Literature?

Labour are unlikely to need the "Top Up" from the South Wales Central list but it's a poor show.

 For your information heres the list according to the Welsh Labour website. which has to its credit again has greatly improved it's Bilingual presence).

South Wales Central #1
Jayne Brencher

South Wales Central #2
Craig Jones

South Wales Central #3
Alex Thomas

South Wales Central #4
John Drysdale


  1. that leaflet is identical , except you have south wales central I have mid and West wales,
    the name sare absent of regional list candidate, little pic of Joyce watson am on back no mention of other regional list candidates

  2. That is exactly what I thought when I read the north Wales list leaflet too.