Wednesday, 13 April 2011

UKIP go for White vote

Two leaflets for the South Wales Central Regional list Today .

First UKIP.

Like Labour no list of candidates and can the emphasis on voting  the "White" ballot paper from a party that makes a strong anti-immigration stance on the leaflet be intentional? If it is its sick.

Apart from a few sentences in Welsh , English only . Makes very few specific policy on Welsh matters but what do you expect.

Then there's the Conservatives  complete list of candidates Photo fitted around David Cameron so no place for Nick Bourne

Although it has some Welsh Language on it its not bilingual as the Welsh part deals with different polices Do they think Welsh speakers will approve of something Monoglot English speakers wouldn't?
The part on the NHS shows a remarkable gumption though but the rest of the leaflet has very little to do with future Assembly policies and more with  promoting the fact that the candidates have done something for charities. I suppose its Cameron's Big Society

So two leaflets with little emphasis on Policy for the Assembly  one trying  for the disgruntled vote and one saying vote for us because we play in a charity football team.Not much vision here.


  1. They are all a load of crap, these leaflets . Up front and honest who these people are and not ambiguous policies.

  2. O/T

    Going back to one of your older posts.....

    You've got to laugh at the opportunists in Ceredigion:

  3. Don't be a jerk all your life Glyn!

    UKIP are clearly referring to the regional ballot paper on which they are standing which as most switched on politico's know is to be printed on White paper to differentiate it from the coloured paper of the constituency ballots.

    You're clearly not bright enough to comment on political matters so why do it?

  4. Anonymous 21:00.

    Sorry I thought I was being ironic. Clearly not.