Thursday, 28 April 2011

Election Communications?

With a week to go, I have yet to receive all the  Election Communications I would have expected delivered by Royal Mail  from the Parties standing in the Pontypridd Constituency and the South Wales Central Region with only are only three delivery days left. With most Postal Votes now completed.Unless the parties have made a special arrangement to see that their leaflets have been delivered earlier to those opting for a Postal Vote then these people may not see these communications until after they have voted. Perhaps the Parties should inquire from people when they have received the campaign leaflets. I would have thought most would have liked to get they message out  at least 14 days before the election date

Mind you what I have received hasn't been very inspiring.

Constituency Candidates Leaflet: English only says virtually nothing . Candidate looks like typical Tory Boy 2/10
Regional Leaflet:  Bilingual bit sometimes different messages I Welsh and English  Names candidates but seems to concentrate on their charity work. Shows Photoshop of Cameron with candidates and not leader Nick Bourne 4/10.
Constituency Candidate: Fully Bilingual somewhat uninspiring but makes some policy statements but no real plans for future legislation (Which is what we backed a few months ago) easy to read  6/10.
Regional Leaflet:   No leaflet by Royal Mail to date
Lib Dem,
Constituency Candidates Leaflet: Packed with very aggressive and  negative politics Many Photos of candidate one of
which was on his Leaflet for the General Election last year 6/10 (would have been more if bilingual).
Regional Leaflet: .No leaflet by Royal Mail to date.
Constituency Candidate: No leaflet by Royal Mail to date.
Regional Leaflet::Fully Bilingual but only shows leader Carwyn Jones. Does not show or name candidates 5/10
Other: English only Newspaper delivered by Party supporters early in campaign. Doesn't actually say much about future policy ; 5/10
Canvassing: English only small leaflet 4/10.
No Constituency Candidates:
Regional Leaflet: English only . No candidates named concentrates on Anti-immigration Policy makes absolutely no contribution to future Assembly policies . 2/10.
No Constituency candidates:
Regional Leaflet: Fully Bilingual ,concentrates on lead candidate but convincing: 7.5/10.
It seems that the referendum last March hasn’t really inspired our Political Parties to come up with imaginative Legislation for the Next Assembly which will be for 5 years  and if Labour get a overall majority far from putting clear red water between the Senedd and Westminster will be ordered to keep legislation moderate and not be another GLC during the Thatcher years and a target for the right wing press. From Plaid’s rather bland campaign they to need to come up with fresh and imaginative ideas.

The other  disappointing  issue was the lack of Bilingualism(apart for Plaid) in the Individual Candidates leaflets . Strange they all supported the last Welsh Language act The Tories make a claim to
“Work towards one million Welsh speakers by 2031 and 1.5 million by 2051 in a truly bilingual Wales.” and  produce English only leaflets (Manifesto 2011). 
and similarly haw can La Pasionaria call  official status for the Welsh Language and still allow her Part to have English only campaign literature?

When I was a student in Aberystwyth all candidate for NUS posts had to have bilingual communications or be exclude from the poll .Perhaps the next Welsh Assembly  can use its new powers to encourage parties to do so in Welsh elections though I would much prefer if they voluntary action and set an example for the rest of Wales.

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