Monday, 25 April 2011

That will teach me to misquote Harold Wilson.

Only a hour  after I last posted on the Welsh Assembly campaign for the Pontypriddd Constituency (below). I was amased to see that  Libdem candidate Mike (Bandwagon Powell ) ,had bees arrested and bailed, and his computer equipment and a mobile phone have been taken by police.

According to the BBC website.this is over alleged  harassment of aides to the local MP Labour Owen Smith  The report claims that.
"Welsh Labour confirmed that Allen Bevan and Gareth Mantle - aides to Labour MP Owen Smith - had complained to police, but said that they were not the only complainants".
It is understood one allegation centres around video footage of individuals being posted on the internet..
Lib Dems claimed there had been "malicious" complaints about Mr Powell, who declined to comment.

One can only  wonder if this makes any change to the intentions of the voting public it probably depends on how much it covered and one suspects that Sub judice will mean those involved will not be communicating much more on this and what play either Party makes of it.

However from this Bloggers stance it shows that I was exaggeration when I said "a year was along time in Politics" and even Harold Wilsons "A week is along time in politics" seems mild after my post yesterday it seems, Just a hour is a long time in politics,

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