Thursday, 4 February 2016

Yes it's Junk but what are you offering?

OK Labour's  Shadow Secretary of State for Wales Nia Griffith seems have to  "left nobody in any doubt about what she really thought about the UK Government’s plans to change the nation’s devolution settlement when she made her appearance in her new role in Westminster’s Welsh Grand Committee". As the Wasting Mule opts it.

But what are Labour offering if anything?

She was responding after Mr Crabb had defended the plans and attacked the 'consensus' in Cardiff Bay about 'unfettered' powers for the Assembly.

She told MPs:
 "Well, in plain English it’s junk.

Directing her fire at Welsh Secretary Stephen Crabb, she said:
“The Secretary of State should really be ashamed. He’s presented such a weak and unworkable Bill [and] quite frankly the people of Wales deserve better.”
 It’s vital we get this Welsh devolution settlement right... For that to happen this Bill needs a radical rewrite.
“It’s not enough for the Wales Office just to go through the motion and tinker with the Bill at the margins... So, unless this Bill is radically overhauled Labour MPs will vote against it at Second Reading – not because we don’t want the Assembly to have more powers [but] exactly the opposite.
“We on this side will not vote for a Bill that quite deliberately rolls back the powers of the Assembly, makes it harder to pass laws and will almost certainly lead to thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money being wasted on legal challenges.”
 To cries of protest, she said: 

“Perhaps if the Secretary of State and his department commanded a bit more respect in Whitehall we wouldn’t have ended up with this shoddy list of reservations which no-one supports.”

True; but then what respect did  Labour Secretaries  of State and more Importantly the Welsh First Minister  receive from Tony Blair.

Its al very good Labour ,Lib Dems and even Plaid  critcising this Bill it is "Junk" and I have said the Assembly should veto it.

But what are the "Opposition" Parties offering Welsh Devolution? 

There may be little chance coming from the Conservatives in Westminster, but the driving force for Devolution Settlement, that envisage  more than the Assembly's paltry powers should come from Wales.

This Blogger will  probably vote  for Plaid next May, but I would like one of the reason to do so, is that they envisage substantial powers being devolved to Wales, in the Lifetime of the Assembly.

It is often said that voters are not interested in constitutional  changes and that the nitty gtitty of the state of the NHS for example is what people will be voting on and it may true (for Now)

But that is no reason to put real powers on a back burner or in the small print of the May Manifestos .

If we are to have anything like "Parity with Scotland" then Parties in Wales who want this ned to push it and inspire Welsh People .

The Tories are likely to be in power for a generation  and can anyone really claim things would be any different under a Labour Westminster Government?

We can't afford to waiteven if there was a chance it comes in 10 or 20 years. We need these powers Now. 

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