Friday, 26 February 2016

Ukip lose another Welsh member (How many are left?)

In October last year Ukip had to  cancelled its Welsh party conference
An email sent out by a company called Ticketsource had claimed the event was shelved due to “poor advanced ticket sales”.
It a pity it was canceled because we may have got some idea what was actually the strength of Welsh Activists in Ukip here.
Maybe Ukip will use their  UK spring conference in Llandudno to announce a spate of defectors from other  Parties but at the moment it looks more likely they will actually see more resignations from the Party in Wales
UKIP Wales' campaign manager for the 2015 general election and 2014 European election has  already resigning from the party.
John Atkinson said an internal row over assembly candidate selection meant the party was "taking its eye off the ball" on the EU referendum.
He also said he had "no faith" in the people in the running for regional candidate selection.
UKIP Wales leader Nathan Gill said he stood by "John's decision to follow his own moral conscience, as must we all".
Mr Atkinson told BBC Wales:
"All the in-fighting over the selections means we're taking our eye off the ball on the referendum.
"I've got no faith the selection system we've finally settled on for the assembly will deliver decent candidates.
"It's a flawed system and it's going to be a lottery."
However, with just over two months to go to the election, the party has still not finalised its candidate selections.

Members have until next Friday to vote on UKIP's regional candidates.
It beginning   to look that they  will have to vote for Candidates from outside Wales because they will not have enough members in Wales left to stand.

Meanwhile UKIP has said it is making preparations for its "first ever UK stronghold of elected politicians" at the assembly election, as the party gathers for its UK spring conference in Llandudno.

Which in itself is worrying.  How many overseas investors will be put of from creating jobs here  when we are seen as a stronghold for a bunch of xenophobic loonies?

The party says it has  six main policies  which maybe  populist  but is even more uninspired than Labour's.

Ukip lists of policies are
  • Make local health boards elected and halve the number of NHS managers on six-figure salaries
  • Reintroduce grammar schools and establish "university technical colleges" for 14-19 year olds
  • Oppose tax powers for the assembly without a referendum
  • Oppose any increase in the number of AMs
  • Devolve economic development powers to local authorities
  • Scrap the Severn bridge tolls

I know that Keep it simple stupid (KISS) is a ideology that may well work with some political strategist, But to have such little plans for a legislature even a weak one like the Assembly  seems to me show Ukip have no real plans for revitalising Wales.

Ukip apparently have decided  that now they  have a chance of getting  a number of AM , that they no longer want to scrap the Assembly. But do not want it to advance any further.

We can expect Wales to be high on the agenda from Farage and his cronies this weekend .  But don't expect to much from a party that is still strongly Devosceptic  and who rely on voters who are disillusioned with main stream parties  and yet has little to offer but an appeal to peoples prejudices over  the likes of Immigration.

Unfortunately and to the shame of Wales , the later has met with approval in some quarters here. 

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  1. Certainly if hamilton ends up topping a regional list in wales more departures from their thinning welsh ranks are likely - and maybe even a full scale split. Apparently Hamilton is set make an appearance in llandudno on saturday - should be fun!

    While we can take their 'policies' for the senedd elections with a pinch of salt - they effectively want to strip the senedd of any meaningful powers.

    They are a opportunist xenophobic seedy rabble and we should not miss any opportunity to remind welsh voters of this.