Saturday, 20 February 2016

Mule Praise's Adam Price to sow division in Plaid.

With the Wasting Mule Chief Reporter  in full "Lets support Labour Mode " you can express cringing coverage of Carwyn Jones in his coverage of the build up of the Labour Party  Welsh Branch Office spring  conference.

But Martin Shipton has decided that there a new Weapon  to attack Plaid  and that's er they have more than one talented leader.

In an article 

Why Plaid leader Leanne Wood is outshone by the party's former MP Adam Price'

You can look at it yourself  but  its basically bollocks 

The reason for the article  however is not to Praise Adam Price or criticise Leanne Wood  but to divide Plaid into Leanne or Adam camps in the run up to the election in May. and to get the electorate to question the capabilities of Leanne Wood.

Shipton writes
It’s true that she made a generally positive impression during last year’s general election leadership debates on TV.
She was praised for her put-down of Nigel Farage.
Yet the fact remains that Ukip got more votes in Wales than Plaid did, and that in many seats in the coming Assembly election voters who have previously voted for Plaid are likely to be voting for Ukip.
It’s also true that in the leadership debates Wood was outshone by Nicola Sturgeon, who operates at a higher political level entirely.

True in the Ukip vote argument  but would any Plaid leader have achieved a better response .

And its also true about being outshone by Nicola Sturgeon but only slightly and Nicola outshone everyone.

Shipton article is not one of  a friend  telling you the truth you don't want to hear but an attempt to cause division and place a question mark in the electorate's eye.

If the positions of Adam and Leanne were reversed  the Wasting Mule , would be  praising Leanne 's honesty and connection with ordinary people , whilst claiming Adam  was "a slick political animal  who however did not have the common touch".

If you want to see Shipton's motive take look on his take on Carwyn Jones. Entitled

Why Carwyn Jones' biggest challenge is to avoid looking smug?.

Where Shipton writes.

While in Wales Carwyn Jones may be the subject of trenchant criticism from opposition parties and mutterings within his own, at Labour HQ in London he is perceived as an election-winning guru.The First Minister shines, of course, in comparison with the hapless decline of Scottish Labour, and the failure of Jeremy Corbyn to appeal to a wider spectrum of voters.
Mr Jones will also have been buoyed by an opinion poll this week that saw Welsh Labourl losing no more than three
seats in May’s National Assembly election".

So for Labour to lose three seats will be a victory for them  according to the Wasting Mule's Chief Reporter.

Perhaps instead of pointing out that Plaid have a very talented persona in the shape of Adam Price likely to enter the Assembly , Shipton should look at the lethargic leadership of his beloved First Minister and the lack of "charisma"  or ant real talent of anyone in Welsh Labour's current and future crop of AM.s.


  1. Divide and conquer. Ever the way with the unionists.

  2. "Mr Jones will also have been buoyed by an opinion poll this week that saw Welsh Labourl losing no more than three seats in May’s National Assembly election".

    Hang on, that's ten percent of their seats, at least one of the remaining 27 will be either the presiding officer or the deputy so unless they enter into coalition it would leave them with 26 votes against 33.

  3. Adam is charismatic, more authoritative and a better communicator, but I’m not convinced Adam as leader instead of Leanne Wood would help Plaid Cymru fight the UKIP onslaught any more effectively than they currently are. Adam comes from the same ideological stable as Leanne and Plaid Cymru’s problems are deeper than communicating their ideas a bit better.